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That’s The Way Love Goes – Shawn Colvin and Mary Chapin Carpenter duet – Project 52 – 38/52

Shawn Colvin and Mary Chapin Carpenter duet

I haven’t posted a music video in a long time, and this week I felt inspired to do so. I know it means I’m not posting one of my photos – but hey, this is my challenge, and I can do as I please!! 😉

I came across an interview with Shawn Colvin and March Chapin Carpenter about a year ago, where they sang this song together. It’s a very beautiful song, and their two voices together sound gorgeous.

In the interview, Shawn explains how Mary introduced herself very shyly – despite being a well-known singer and performer. That “shyness” – and the fact that she’s written a song titled “I Have A Need For Solitude” – suggests she’s a fellow introvert!


“That’s The Way Love Goes” – Buddy Miller

sung by Shawn Colvin and Mary Chapin Carpenter

I’ve been throwing horseshoes,
Over my left shoulder.
I’ve spent most all my life,
Searchin’ for that four-leafed clover.
When you ran with me,
Chasing my rainbows,
An’ honey, I love you, too,
And that’s the way love goes.
That’s the way love goes, babe;
That’s the music God made,
For all the world to sing.
It’s never old; it only grows.
Losing makes me sorry;
Well, now honey, don’t worry.
Don’t you know, I love you too.
That’s the way love goes.
That’s the way love goes, babe;
That’s the music God made,
For all the world to sing.
It’s never old; it only grows.
Losing makes me sorry;
You say: “Honey, now don’t worry.
“I love you too.”
That’s the way love goes.

The Art of Letting Go – Project 52 – 37/52

A Year Of Painting - "Letting Go" - original acrylic artwork by Julia Barnickle
“Letting Go” – original acrylic artwork by Julia Barnickle

This week has been all about Letting Go.

Firstly, I’ve been de-cluttering my office space – getting rid of page upon page of notes I’ve taken at business building seminars over the past 9 years, to make space for my new life as a film maker and artist.

It’s all part of letting go of who I used to be – letting go of the pressure that I used to put on myself to earn a living doing work I didn’t love, despite encouraging my coaching clients to follow their heart. Most of my income, since becoming self-employed, came from IT contracts, harking back to my role in corporate life.

So far this year, thanks to the encouragement of my wonderful husband, I’ve been taking a bit of a sabbatical and doing stuff I love – taking photographs, filming, painting and singing.

I’ve been experimenting and learning my craft so that I can move towards offering filming as a service and earning an income (rather than a “living”) from following my own heart and doing what I love.

NOTE: It had never occurred to me before, how odd it is that we talk about earning a “living” – as though we don’t automatically have the right to live, and somehow have to show our worth first.

Secondly, I had been invited to attend a business building seminar by a friend – I had warned her that I might not have the energy to stay for the full two days, but I expected to stay at least for the first session.

However, when I got there, I realised fairly quickly that I was in the wrong place. Everyone else was intent on building a big business, employing hundreds of people – whereas that doesn’t interest me at all.

I suddenly realised that I’m like the Mexican fisherman – you might have heard the story. I’m already doing what I love – I don’t need to build a big business so that I can afford to do what I love in the future!

So I let go of the need to be at the seminar, and instead wandered round the City of London taking photographs of shiny buildings glinting in the sunlight.

Thirdly, the topic for the Art as Therapy session this week was Letting Go. We talked about things we were letting go of, after cancer, and then we started painting. I sometimes feel a bit inhibited in these sessions, perhaps because there are other people around, chatting. This time, though, I was totally in the zone, letting go – and the painting above was the result.

One of the ladies in the group even said she would like to buy my painting, which is a real confidence booster for a fledgling artist like myself! :-)

Columbia Road Flower Market and Shoreditch – Project 52 – 36/52

Street Art in Shoreditch, London

I’ve seen lots of interesting photographs of Shoreditch on my Instagram feed, and I’ve been wanting to go there for ages – and this week I went twice!

I had arranged to meet up with fellow film maker Tara Axford (aka Dudley Redhead), who I met online through Xanthe Berkeley’s “A Year Of Creating Time Capsules“. She was over in London from Australia for a few days, so before she arrived I wanted to do a recce to get my bearings. Then, a couple of days later, we met up to visit Columbia Road Flower Market and do a tour of Shoreditch and Hoxton.

I had been warned that Columbia Road Flower Market would be busy, but I was still unprepared for how crowded it was – not a place to stop and smell the roses…!

Columbia Road Flower Market, Shoreditch, London

Columbia Road Flower Market, Shoreditch, London

Columbia Road Flower Market, Shoreditch, London

Columbia Road Flower Market, Shoreditch, London

Columbia Road Flower Market, Shoreditch, London

Arrivederci London – Project 52 – 35/52

Sabrina Andrea Sachs in Shoreditch

This week we bade farewell to one of the London Brunch Club organisers, Sabrina Andrea Sachs, who is setting off on her travels after spending five years in London. First Italy, then Dubai, India… and who knows where else. I felt quite sad as we parted – and writing this, I’m feeling a little sad again. We had become good friends in a very short time, so my sadness is partly to do with the possibility of not seeing Sabrina again – and partly about mourning the loss (or perhaps hibernation?) of my own adventurous spirit. At the moment, a train ride up to London is as adventurous as I get!

brunch at Beany Green, Broadgate - banana bread sandwich with honeyed mascarpone and fresh berries

In true London Brunch Club style, we met for brunch at Beany Green in Broadgate, where we were treated to the most splendid banana bread with honeyed mascarpone and fresh berries – as a starter! I don’t usually post pictures of food, but this was so delicious, I couldn’t resist. :-)

Broadgate Circle, London

Broadgate Circle has been recently re-developed (one of the architects was in our midst at brunch, so we got the full story!), and the former outdoor ice rink is now home to a wide range of eateries. Apparently the ice rink will open again in the winter of 2015, maintaining a long-held tradition.

shop in Spitalfields, London

After brunch we headed through Spitalfields, along Brick Lane, and on to the edges of Shoreditch.

shop in Spitalfields, London

Eleven and a half Fournier Street, Spitalfields, London

According to one source, Eleven and a Half Fournier Street was so named because of superstition about the number 13. Now it’s an art dealership which specialises in artists associated with West Cornwall.

4 Princelet Street, Spitalfields, London

I was enchanted by the faded pink facade at 4 Princelet Street, Spitalfields, a beautiful Georgian house which is now available for hire as a location for filming, photography or private functions.

As a final gesture, another Brunch Club friend, Corinna Linzas, gave Sabrina a red heart-shaped balloon and invited her to Let Go and let your heart fly. Arrivederci e buon viaggio, Sabrina!

Brighton & Hove – Project 52 – 34/52

Bandstand, Brighton, West Sussex

This week I took a trip to Brighton and Hove on the south coast of England to film my friend, photographer Lynda Kelly on the seafront – and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

The bandstand (above) near West Pier was originally opened in 1884 and restored in 2009. It can be hired for events, but it’s generally open to the public – including roller skaters, as you’ll see in the video!

I love being by the sea, and I really enjoyed spending the day with Lynda. I can’t wait to go back again!!