The August Break 2014 – Day 29 – Nature

August Break - Day 29 - Nature

This is my favourite haunt when I want to be close to nature – a stretch of the River Thames about 10 minutes drive from where I live. We’re very fortunate to be so close to both the Thames and Richmond Park (see below), my other favourite haunt (although it hasn’t had so much of a look-in since I discovered the river!)
August Break - Day 29 - Nature

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The August Break 2014 – Day 27 – Lines

August Break - Day 27 - Lines

This is the first photo I’ve edited on my new Mac – it’s taken me ages, and I had to use to add the text!

I love the zig-zag effect of the lines from the two balconies and a flight of stairs.

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The August Break 2014 – Day 23 – Adornment

August Break - Day 23 - Adornment

This was an interesting photo prompt today – “adornment” doesn’t really figure much in my vocabulary.

I only ever wear a single dainty ring on one finger of each hand – and although I quite like large earrings, they hurt my ears. I do like scarves, especially if they have a bit of sparkle in them, and I have been known to wear a hat on occasions…

But the thing I most like to adorn myself with is a camera. When I’m wandering around with a camera, getting into awkward positions to find just the right angle for a shot, it’s like I step out of my quiet skin and turn into a bolder and more adventurous version of myself.

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The August Break 2014 – Day 22: Shadow

August Break - Day 22 - Shadow

Waterloo Sunset

This is such an iconic skyline – with the London Eye, Hungerford Bridge, Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster (aka the Houses of Parliament) – taken from Waterloo Bridge at sunset in December 2012.

I enjoy taking evening photographs of London during the winter, when the sun sets early – so I can still catch a train home before the rush hour starts, and be snug in front of the fire by teatime!

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The August Break 2014 – Day 21: Treasures

August Break - Day 21 - Treasures

I’m not really a collector of treasures – but I do tend to collect boxes, especially when I’m travelling. I like any mementos of a trip to be useful – and what could be more useful than a box? Unfortunately, I can never think of anything to put in the box, once I’ve got it home – so it becomes a useless ornament!

The “treasures” in the photo are as follows:

  1. A hammered pewter-topped box, with the initials “JB”, which my Dad made for his father, when he was at school. I love its simplicity.
  2. A 5 Millièmes piece that my Dad brought home from North Africa, where he was posted during WWII. As a kid, I used to wear it around my neck, on a piece of string.
  3. A medal which was given to me when I visited my German penfriend at the age of 15. Her father was the Schützenfest King that year, and he gave me the medal for helping stuff envelopes for an event he was organising. The inscription reads “Für besondere Verdienste” (for special services).
  4. An inlaid box that I bought in Granada, Spain, when I visited my friend one summer.
  5. A brightly coloured fan, given to me by a friend from the office in Madrid, when I used to travel with my IT job. The colours are typical of those worn by the women in Madrid, which look fabulous against their deep suntans.
  6. A square box, made of native woods from New Zealand, which I picked up while I was working in Auckland on an IT project. One of the woods is the slow-growing Kauri, which used to be very popular for building houses with, but is now very rare.

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