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Guildford, Somerset House and Kingston-upon-Thames – Project 52 – 26/52

Canal boats on the River Wey in Guildford, Surrey

This has been a week of meeting old friends and new friends. On Monday I went to Guildford in the pouring rain to meet up with a friend who I haven’t seen in around three years. When we started chatting, it was like we were picking up where we left off just the day before. I love it when that happens.

Nelson staircase Somerset House, London

On a hot and sunny Thursday, I went to Somerset House to meet up with two friends who I’ve met quite recently through Instagram. It was fun chatting in the courtyard and wandering round together, taking photos of Nelson’s staircase and a couple of the exhibitions.

Neon lights at Somerset House, London

I’m really glad I joined Instagram this year, and that I’ve been along to a few Instameets with the London Brunch Club. I’ve met some really lovely people, and I look forward to developing those friendships.

Robot exhibition at Somerset House, London

On Friday, I met up with a friend of a friend. When I was in Bratislava last year, I made friends with the journalist who interviewed me for a business magazine – so when she contacted me to ask if I’d like to meet up with a friend of hers who is visiting Kingston at the moment, I thought: “why not?”

Market House, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

I’m not sure whether I’m an a-typical introvert in that respect. I find it quite easy to start a conversation with a total stranger, especially when I already know there’s some common ground – whether that be a mutual friend or a mutual interest.

House boat and bridge, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

The fact is that I’m fascinated by people and their lives – although I used to feel shy asking people about themselves, in case they didn’t want to tell me! I love having conversations with new people and learning about what makes them come alive – and I often find I’m automatically drawn to people whose interests cross over with what makes ME come alive. :-)

Regent’s Canal & Citizen M Hotel, Bankside, London – Project 52 – 24/52

Regent's Canal, near King's Cross, London

This week, I attended a talk on Introversion as a Superpower. When I arrived, there were already a few people there, and I found it ironic that most were sitting or standing in their own corners, not mingling!

Regent's Canal, Camden, London

Later, despite the grey skies, I went for a stroll along part of Regent’s Canal in the direction of Camden Lock. I love walking by the water. I find it very calming – although perhaps not so much when there are lots of people around, which there tend to be in popular places!

Citizen M Hotel, Bankside, London

Later in the week, I joined my friend Beverley Glick – The Story Archeologist, at the Citizen M hotel in Bankside, London, for a “Dream Seed Magic” meetup organised by Diane Leigh (who I met online last year through one of the “Screw Work Let’s Play” 30 Day Challenges).

Citizen M Hotel, Bankside, London

I loved the design of the hotel – it’s an inspiring place to hang out and have informal meetings. We also viewed the meeting rooms upstairs, which I would definitely book if I were running some sort of event. See for yourself in this short video I made…

Notting Hill, London – Project 52 – 23/52

Rosella Degori’s photo of WeLoveToBrunch_2 team on the scavenger hunt
photo by Rosella Degori of WeLoveToBrunch_2 team on the scavenger hunt: L to R @juliabarnickle @tiaraanggamulia @magspangeni @thegirlygeek @broganinlondon

Last weekend, I joined the London Brunch Club for another Instameet – and brunch, this time, at a Danish bistro in Notting Hill, West London. We were then split into 4 teams and sent on a scavenger hunt (in the rain), to find 3 houses and 2 cars that we had been given photos of – ending up in the pub afterwards.

St Luke's Mews, Notting Hill, London

photographing houses in Notting Hill, London

Some of the houses in Notting Hill are drop-dead gorgeous – one of the streets we visited (the one with the pink house and the graffiti on the opening credits) even appeared in the film “Love Actually” :-)

For some reason, I only took photographs this time, so this is a slide show rather than a proper film.

Wapping, London – Project 52 – 22/52

Bottega Wapping, London

This week I met up with Catherine Callender – a fellow introvert, coach and photographer. We connected on-line when I first started to look at introversion, but had never met in person before.

Bottega Wapping, London

We arranged to meet in Wapping, East London – where Catherine would be my tour guide – but before going for a wander, we stopped at the Bottega Wapping restaurant and had a lovely long chat. I couldn’t resist taking photos of the place before we left – especially the Lambretta scooter in the entrance!

Lambretta in Bottega Wapping, London

Wapping is characterised by Victorian warehouses which have mostly been converted into luxury riverside apartments. I took a photograph of this particular building in Wapping Wall in 2006, before it was refurbished – it had red paintwork then and looked much more attractive than now!

converted wharf, Wapping, London

At the east end of Wapping Wall is the Prospect of Whitby (which I didn’t photograph, for some reason), London’s oldest pub, dating back to 1520, and the favourite haunt of Samuel Pepys: “Dear Diary, today I went to the pub again…”

converted wharf, Wapping, London

Limehouse Basin (below) provides a navigable link between Regent’s Canal and the River Thames. On the bridge in the distance is a red Docklands Light Railway (DLR) train, heading for Canary Wharf.

boats in the marina Wapping, London