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Haggerston, Bloomsbury Square and Painting – Project 52 – 20/52

Haggerston, Hackney, London

No video this week, but I’ve added a new greeting card in my on-line shop – more on that in a moment. I’ve also been socialising a lot – and whilst it’s good that I’m meeting people face-to-face, rather than hiding behind my computer all the time, my inner Introvert is whispering to me (loudly) that I’m running out of energy and I need to stay in more, this coming week!

On Sunday I joined the London Brunch Club Instameet group for a photo walk along a stretch of Regents Canal in Haggerston, Hackney. I love being by the water: canal, river, lake or sea – it doesn’t matter which. I now want to film the whole length of Regents Canal – it’s rather long though…

Regents Canal, London

I’m also planning to make a film of the green spaces – parks and gardens – in central London. So after meeting up with my friend Beverley Glick, Story Archeologist, to plan a short promotional video for her website, I started filming in Bloomsbury Square – which was probably a private garden for the residents of the Square, initially, but is now open to the public.

Bloomsbury Square

On Thursday it rained all day, so I got out my acrylic paints – for the first time in ages – and started painting. I’ve had the urge to paint since last summer, because I was finding it difficult to express myself in words. I wanted to get out of my head and into my body – and I thought that painting would be a way I could express myself physically rather than verbally, even though I haven’t really painted since I was a kid.

But I’ve noticed a lot of resistance to painting. I keep making myself busy, so I don’t have time to paint. And when I do set aside time, I feel terrified that I won’t know what to paint – or that what I paint will be rubbish. But when I start painting, I just lose myself in the process.

acrylic painting - copyright Julia Barnickle

Unlike my photos, I don’t often share my art. Just because I like it, doesn’t mean it’s any good, or that anyone else will like it. But this time I decided to stick my neck out and post the painting on Facebook and Instagram. I thought: what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe nobody will “like” my post – so what?

I was stunned by the response – more “likes” on Facebook than for anything I’ve ever posted before. One friend, who’s a career-change and business coach in the USA, said “Love this!! You could totally sell your art!” and another friend said “I would buy!” – what a confidence booster! :-)

So it’s now available as a greeting card in my on-line shop – click on the image below – and I shall be dedicating more time to painting in the future!

Urban Red Acrylic Greeting Card

Bermondsey Instameet – Project 52 – 19/52

house in Bermondsey, London

A couple of weeks ago, I joined up with The London Brunch Club Instameet group for the second time, for a stroll through part of Bermondsey, near London Bridge.

colourful building in Bermondsey, London

I was expecting more of a “rough and ready” London, so I was surprised by how trendy and pretty the area is. I suppose the whole of central London has been “gentrified” by now…

Guys Hospital, Bermondsey, London

We had lots of fun taking photos of other people in the group in front of buildings that matched their clothing (#WhenPeopleMatchPlaces), and at the end of the walk I filmed a group “jump” in the cloistered walk at Guy’s Hospital (above) which was hilarious – I can’t wait for the next meet up!

Fleet Street – Project 52 – 18/52

Fleet Street Press tearooms. London

I’ve got a bit behind with my video editing this week, despite the May Bank Holiday. On 1st May we finalised something that’s been dragging on for the past four and a half months, and I think we were both feeling exhausted – so we were looking forward to having a lazy weekend.

having tea with a friend at Fleet Street Press tearooms. London

On Sunday, despite grey skies and drizzle, I ventured up to London to meet up with my friend, web designer Tracey Rissik. After a while, the sun came out enough for us to have a stroll along Victoria Embankment and up to The Strand – and we ended up at The Fleet Street Press, a quaint tearoom on Fleet Street.

Fleet Street, London

There are a number of interesting buildings in the area. I later learned that the narrow mediaeval buildings at 152-158 The Strand are due for demolition. I shall be returning to the Strand and Fleet Street very soon, to capture the architecture before it disappears for ever.

Chiswick Instameet – Project 52 – 17/52

Chiswick instameet

A couple of Sundays ago, I joined a group of Instagram photographers at an Instameet in Chiswick, West London. I felt a bit nervous at first – it was quite a large group, and they all seemed to know each other – but almost immediately I got chatting with another first-timer, and before long I felt quite at home.

pretty house and blossom in Chiswick

It was a glorious Spring day with azure blue skies and a slight breeze which playfully jostled the blossom on the trees – perfect for filming – and we passed by lots of very pretty houses with colourful doors.

Chiswick House Instameet

I’ve talked about Instameets before, as being a great way for introverts to network. If you’re not a photographer, you can find a Meetup group that caters for your particular interests and hobbies.

Easter at the South Bank Centre, London – Project 52 – 16/52

South Bank Centre, London, from Hungerford Bridge

I’ve realised that, yet again, I’m trying to do too much. Originally, I set an intention to post one photograph per week on the blog – but because I was taking more than one photo per week, I thought I might as well post more than one photo. Then I set my sights on producing one video per week…

So I’ve got a bit behind with my posts, and I’ve decided I need to calm things down a bit!

This week’s video was filmed during Easter festivities at The South Bank Centre – a complex of music and art venues on the South Bank of the River Thames, in London, which mainly comprises the Royal Festival Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Hayward Gallery. There’s always lots going on in and around the Centre, especially at holiday times – and Easter was no exception!