This is the final week (three days) of making daily films with my friend Xanthe Berkeley and fellow film makers who signed up for her Make Films course this year.

I’ve really enjoyed the project, and would definitely do it again. It’s been challenging to post a film every day (I missed 3 days, which isn’t bad), and I’ve been glad of my archive footage, as I’m still not able to get out and about as I’d like to.

Nevertheless, out of 27 films, 12 have been brand new, which is amazing, and I’m feeling very proud of myself!

One thing I’ve realised, during the project, is that I’ve been doing lots of filming and not enough editing over the past three years – now that I’ve pretty much caught up, I shall attempt to strike a better balance…

Watch everyone’s films on Instagram.

28th November: Stop-Motion Hearts
Another short stop-motion film – they’re fun to make!

29th November: Timelapse – Nightfall in Venice
A short time-lapse film of nightfall from the window of our Airbnb (affiliate link) holiday apartment in Venice, overlooking Ponte dei Greci, in January 2016.

30th November: Kingston-upon-Thames
Today is the final day of the Make Films Daily project with Xanthe Berkeley, and I’m finishing up with some footage I filmed three years ago, when I first started making these films, and long before I had my iPhone.

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