On 1st March I found out about a creative challenge on Instagram with @joannehawker, for the month of March, where you “Meet The Maker” – and I decided to join in – eek!! 😬

Day 1 : “You”
I dislike intensely posting selfies, so this first day of the challenge has been… well, challenging. I’m a filmmaker, photographer, and more recently an intuitive artist. It still feels strange to call myself an artist – there’s just something “special” about that word. This is my art desk, where I paint, film short stop motion videos for Instagram, or film myself painting.

marchmeetthemaker1 - Julia Barnickle, intuitive artist, photographer and film maker
Julia Barnickle, intuitive artist, photographer and film maker

Day 2 : Favourite to make
My favourite type of painting is very spontaneous – I simply start slapping paint on a canvas and see what happens! Most of my paintings are a tad chaotic, because I can’t bear the idea of leaving anything out or painting over something I like. Occasionally, I have a pre-formed idea of what I want to achieve – and those paintings are much simpler. My favourite way of filming is spontaneously capturing the essence of a place or a person…

marchmeetthemaker - original artwork by Julia Barnickle

Day 3 : Workspace
My painting and filming desk is a kitchen worktop over a couple of cupboards, on the right side of the room, which gives me lots of space to create. Fortunately my iPhone doesn’t have a very wide angle lens, so you can’t see my writing desk, on the left, which is covered in boxes I haven’t yet got round to sorting out… Decluttering is always at the bottom of my “to do” list!


Day 4 : Tools
A selection of brushes (I like the foam ones best); paint pens and acrylic paint; India ink and acrylic ink; a bottle top for making circles; a comb and an old credit card I cut up with pinking shears to get a wavy edge, for etching lines in the paint; my iPhone (with gorgeous Flora Bowley cover) and digital video camera for filming.


Day 5 : Boomerang
I’m not very fond of the Instagram Boomerang app, so I was going to post a photo of this boomerang I brought back from Sydney over 20 years ago – then I thought “I wonder what a boomerang would look like in the Boomerang app?!”

Days 6 and 7 : Raw Materials and How It’s Made
I had no idea how this painting would turn out, and I definitely didn’t expect this (see below the video for the finished painting). Acrylic paints, acrylic ink and India ink on a framed canvas. I used to only use watercolour paper, but I discovered these 8″ x 10″ canvases (and 10″ x 12″ canvas boards) and I love painting on them!

Alpine meadows - original artwork by Julia Barnickle
Alpine meadows – original artwork by Julia Barnickle

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