The weather has been more Spring-like this week, and I’ve been making the most of the sunshine: going for walks in the neighbourhood, to film the Spring blossom being caressed by a gentler breeze than of late; and sauntering by the River Thames in my old haunt of Kingston.

Although my balance is vastly improved since treatment for brain metastases last summer, I’m aware that I have a tendency to topple backwards when I’m looking up – to take a photo or film of the tops of trees, for example – and I also have to really anchor myself when I’m standing close to the river’s edge, in case I fall in!

I still find it acutely embarrassing that I’m unable to walk in a straight line for any distance – especially when I visit the corner shop, which doubles as an off-licence (liquor store). I’m sure people who don’t know me think I have a drink problem.

But it’s lovely to be able to get out and about a bit more, in the sunshine. And on the dull days, I’ve been doing some more intuitive painting.

My legs have turned to jelly due to lack of exercise over the Winter, and it’s a balancing act (no pun intended!), getting enough exercise to tone my muscles – which helps keep me more steady on my feet – while not tiring myself out too much, which makes me more wobbly.

At least the wobbliness doesn’t seem to show very much in my filming!

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