This weekend I had two trips out to the countryside, thanks to hubby and a friend, who did the driving. I’m not allowed to drive for another eighteen months, since having Cyberknife treatment for brain metastases last summer – and although I can use public transport in London, there are lots of places I can’t easily get to.

On Saturday, I signed up for a wonderfully relaxing one-day meditation retreat at my friend Deborah Kerslake’s farm in West Sussex. She and her husband moved there last summer, to realise her childhood dream.

It was lovely to see her for the first time in her new surroundings – and the peaceful atmosphere was perfect for meditation. Her husband used to work as a chef, so lunch was a simple but tasty affair – and we were fortunate to be able to eat al fresco in a sunny and sheltered spot by the house.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
~ Yogi Berra

This is one of Debs’ favourite quotes. My version is: “even if you do know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else!”

Case in point: on Sunday, hubby and I set off for the wilds of Surrey. We had a destination in mind, near the M25, but missed the turning. After driving round for about an hour, in beautiful countryside, we found our way to Cobham – which is a very pretty town, but nothing like the countryside we had planned to visit!

Oh well – I did some filming along the way, and we had a nice walk by the river.

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