I realised this week that I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself lately – creating a daily schedule that felt like a straight jacket. So I decided I would go back to Taking Life As It Comes – which has been the strap line on my website for the past 5 years.

Then the same day I decided that, I rather overdid things – painting in the morning and going for a long walk afterwards – and had to have a nap in the afternoon. Even listening to a meditation CD didn’t do the trick.

I had an enjoyable painting session, though, and was very pleased with the results. I’ve been working on this particular canvas for several weeks, and getting lots of practice in letting go… That’s all part of the process with intuitive painting!

The canvas started off as a sort of landscape (again), which I didn’t like very much (again). So eventually, I painted over it in white, which softened the colours, and I quite liked the effect – until I “spoiled” it with some black brush marks!

“Flower Power” original artwork by Julia Barnickle – showing the stages of painting

Then came a couple of layers of bright colours splodged (or splotched) here and there – before another layer of white, which came out much thicker than I expected (at which point, I thought I had completely ruined the painting!), followed by flower shapes stamped on with a piece of sponge, and rills of India ink.

I did a time-lapse film of the whole process, so you can see what I’m talking about…

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