For some months I’ve been watching time-lapse videos of Gelli® Plate printing by three of the artists I am connected to on Instagram (Tara Axford, Marsha Valk and Kim Dellow), and I’ve been eager to have a go myself.

After a long wait, my Gelli® plate was delivered last weekend, together with two stencils, so I had my first attempt at Gelli® plate printing. It’s not as easy as Tara, Marsha and Kim make it look!!! 😂


I had a go at making my own paper stencils at first – but they kept sticking to the Gelli® plate, the brayer, and even the paper I was printing on, so I tried out a bought stencil instead.


I haven’t quite got the hang of what order to do things in yet – but it’s early days, and I had a lot of fun with it!

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