door to opportunity

I love trying new things and discovering what lies behind new doors.

Today was the first session of a Choral Ensemble that I signed up for when I realised that I’ve been missing singing – I haven’t sung for nearly three years, when the Sing 2 Beat Breast Cancer choir last performed.

When I was first diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.

I’ve always sung what I describe as “intuitive harmony” – if one person is singing, I create a harmony, and if two people are singing in harmony, I create a third harmony.

I’ve sung backing (and occasionally lead) vocals in bands over the years – mainly rock – and I fancied trying a new style of singing. Choral singing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew it would be different.

For the first time in thirty five years, I’m having to read music – usually I learn songs and tunes simply by listening to them. I was finding it quite difficult today – but I’m happy to give my brain a challenge, and to create some new neural pathways.

Who knows – it might even help my balance. 🎶😊

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