Ever since I set up an account on Instagram, in January 2015, I try to post one photograph every day. I don’t always manage it, and some days I post twice.

If I’ve not been able to get out much, I post images from my archive – but sometimes the photographs in my archive doesn’t inspire me.

That was the case this month – so I thought I would try out some apps that add filters to your photos. I’ve done it before, during August Break in 2014, for the prompts Blue and Orange – but I haven’t done it for a while…

This time I went all out, to create digital art that was pretty much unrecognisable as far as the original photos were concerned, using apps on my iPhone.

This first experiment uses Layout and Pixlr to create a psychedelic abstract image from a guitar sound hole. Worthy of a Jimi Hendrix album, I reckon!

psychedelic guitars

showing some of the steps

This next one used the Pixlr app to change the colours and overlay one photograph on top of another.

green machine

the original images

For this third and final experiment, I used Layout app to create a pattern, and Pixlr for the colour overlays and the double exposure – all based on a single photo of an anniversary clock.

anniversary clock

showing the steps

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