Kingston-upon-Thames Apple Market
Kingston-upon-Thames Apple Market and Market House

I was happy to be back in Kingston this week. The last time I was there was on Christmas Day, when the town centre was deserted.

I’ve just noticed it actually looks pretty deserted in this photo!

Kingston is the nearest and easiest town centre for me to get to (apart from local shops) while I’m still unable to drive – and yet I sometimes think I “should” go somewhere different for a change.

But I really do like Kingston – there’s always something interesting to photograph.

I converted this picture to black & white for one of Susannah Conway’s Gentle January prompts. I think it works well – thanks to the clouds and the texture of the paving stones.

When I posted the photo on social media, one friend commented about the perspective, and that the long foreground gives emotion to the picture.

That hadn’t occurred to me. On that particular day, I was feeling tired, so I sat down to take the photograph – which changed the perspective.

Now I can see that there’s a whole story behind that simple act.

When I’m taking photographs, I’m focusing on what I see through the lens. I don’t tend to think about my photographs on an emotional level – and I forget that photographs say more about the photographer than about what is being photographed.

And it’s just dawned on me that the same is true for everything in Life.

“No-one sees it like you.”

This video, by Canon Australia, demonstrates this point very well…

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