Pottery studio by the river - Richmond-upon-Thames

This week it was my birthday. We had intended to go away for a few days – but a pre-Cyberknife MRI scan had been scheduled for the morning, and I didn’t want to delay the scan in case it delayed treatment.

The afternoon was lovely and sunny, so we went for a stroll by the river in Richmond-upon-Thames. There was no high tide this time, which was fortunate as we were parked very close to the river…

I was glad to be able to celebrate my birthday at least in a small way.

Over the weekend I had been feeling a bit grumpy about having a hospital visit – until hubby pointed out that, in some countries, a free MRI scan could be seen as a very generous birthday present!

I know many people ignore birthdays, believing that it’s simply a sign that they’re a year older. But I’ve always celebrated my birthday – and apart from one occasion, I’ve always taken the day off.

Nowadays I rejoice in the fact that I’ve lived for another year despite metastatic breast cancer – so birthdays have become a positive milestone.

Even without the illness, I’ve always felt that it’s important to celebrate the day we come into being. There is nobody else like you or I in the entire world – and there never will be.

Surely that, on its own, is cause for celebration!

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