I’ve never heard of spoken word poetry before. In the video, below, Sarah Kay gives a wonderful performance, demonstrating how magical it can be – and I just love the words of wisdom she would impart to her daughter.

One of the exercises she gets her students to do is to write a list of “5 things I know to be true” – from this, they create their poems.

What 5 things do you know to be true?

Here’s my list for today:

    1. There is enough for everyone, if only we could learn to share our toys.
    2. In most cases, the only thing to fear really is fear itself.
    3. If we don’t choose the challenges we want for ourselves, Life will throw a few at us.
    4. If we do choose the challenges we want, Life might get the idea we like challenges!
    5. A woman’s work is never done – so you might as well play instead. 🙂

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