gathering the beauty of the flowerCreating an inspired life is not about trying to be a different or better person. It’s about recognising your inner strengths and talents and making the most of them.

What are you really good at? You might have an ability to communicate in a different language, or a talent with physical activities. Perhaps you have a capacity to generate new ideas or to build on existing ideas. You might be a brilliant organiser or an inspiring writer, singer or designer, or you might send people into raptures with your culinary skills.

What comes easily to you? This isn’t such an easy question as it seems. Your core talents are often things you do so automatically, that you might make the mistake of dismissing them as unimportant. You might even believe that, because you find them so easy, everyone must be able to do them. Not so!

Each of us has a set of core skills, competencies and talents which make us unique. What are yours? If you identify them and bring them into your daily routine more often, you will begin to create an inspired life. Make a list of the activities you enjoy most and find easiest to do – even if you’re not doing them at the moment or have a mental block about doing them.

The list will probably comprise between five to seven core talents – and they may change over time. Once you have your list, spend as much time as possible focusing on those skills. If possible, delegate tasks you do less well to someone who has core talents in that area. If you’re running a business and more of your time is spent on tasks which aren’t included in your core talents, you’re wasting money. In all areas of life, you’re wasting precious time.

Some people know from an early age what they want to be, while others seem to drift from one interest or job to another. The more studies we embark on and reject, and the more careers we begin and discard, the more our family and friends may encourage us to “settle down”. However, everything you do in life develops your own unique abilities. Even if you discard some skills along the way, they nevertheless give you a unique insight and affect the way you exercise your core talents.

Everything will come into its own at exactly the right moment.

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