#30DWC - It Must Be Love - Unconscious CommunicationI thought it was a good sign when, the morning after I had committed, in public, to this 30 Day Writing Challenge, I woke up singing “It Must Be Love” – the Madness version, not the original Labi Siffre version!

Now, you could say that, because Madness had sung that same song from the roof of Buckingham Palace, only a few days earlier, as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, this was the reason why the song came to mind. But I know differently.

Certainly, that song was in my recent memory. But if it hadn’t been that particular song rattling round in my head, I’m convinced it would have been something similar. My unconscious mind was communicating with me – letting me know that, by taking up this writing challenge, I’m on the right track.

I don’t often have an open and honest dialogue with my unconscious mind, or my intuition, unfortunately. I think I used to, when I was younger and had fewer responsibilities. But somehow, over the years, I’ve lost the knack. My left brain – the rational, logical, sensible (heaven forbid!) side of me got in the way.

Lately, though (and by “lately”, I mean over the past 5-10 years), I’ve started to notice that my unconscious is communicating with me through song. I often have songs running through my head anyway – especially the more annoying ones with a catchy tune that I pick up in seconds and replay over and over until it nearly drives me crazy – and then I have to consciously think of another song that I can replace it with!

Unconscious Communication

But the songs that come to me first thing in the morning, when I wake up, are different. These songs are affirmations. As I say, I’m not always that in tune with myself, so I imagine my unconscious must be thinking: “It’s no good – she’s still not paying attention. Let’s send her a song. She can’t ignore that!”

A good example was when I had been visiting a friend who lives in Hove, on the south coast of England. I love being by the sea, and her flat was just across the road from the beach. Each morning we would go for a power walk along the promenade, before breakfast. During the day we would meet up with other friends, and in the evening we would take deck chairs and a bottle of wine down to the pebble beach, and watch the sun set over the sea. It was magical.

When I woke up on the last morning, Freddie Mercury was practically screaming in my head:
“Don’t stop me
‘Cause I’m having a good time
Don’t want to stop at all…”

Message received, loud and clear!!

I was only there a couple of days, but I felt like it had changed my life. Shortly after that, I started walking into Kingston on a regular basis, along by the River Thames. It was the closest I could get to re-creating the walk along the promenade – for now, at least. And in the autumn and winter months, when the sun shone, I would sometimes stay long enough to watch the sun set – and still be able to get home to Paul by tea-time!

I wonder whether everyone’s unconscious communicates with them through song? I’ve only met one other person, so far, who has the same experience – and she said sometimes she only gets the tune, not the lyrics, so she has to ask people on Twitter to fill in the blanks for her!

However our unconscious / intuition communicates with us, we need to learn to be aware of it, so that we know we’re on the right path – our soul / heart path.

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My 30 day challenge runs from Monday 11th June 2012 until Tuesday 10th July 2012. If you’d like to follow my progress, and help to hold me accountable to my promise to write every day, you can follow my progress on Facebook and Twitter #30DWC.

8 thoughts on “It Must Be Love – Unconscious Communication

  1. Hi Julia, what a life affirming blog! I find it really interesting to hear how people’s unconscious communicates with them.

    I wish mine was as gentle as yours, Julia. I tend to ignore mine until the voice (or something more tangible) becomes more and more insistent until I can no longer ignore it. Then I go: “OK, OK! I get it!” I wonder how other people’s unconscious communicates with them.

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks, Sue. Perhaps you could encourage your unconscious to communicate with you more gently, by a) telling it how you would like it communicate with you, and b) paying more attention to it! 🙂

    It is fascinating, though, isn’t it? I’d love to find out from other people. Gina reminded me that Art Giser gets messages from his TV set!

  3. Ooh I love this Julia, I wish I was guided by songs in this way! I’m a really vivid dreamer every night and I get a lot of indications that way or sometimes I just get a flash out of the blue kind of thought which just feels different so I know to listen. This post has made me think though, I really want to ‘tune in’ more so will create an intention around that now. Thank you!
    Your 30 day challenge is a great idea, you write wonderfully so it makes perfect sense to put it into action in such a deliberate way
    Hannah Loveplaywork recently posted..9 things I would like my best friend to know about starting her own businessMy Profile

  4. Julia Barnickle

    Thank you for that feedback, Hannah. I have very odd dreams, which might be trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what that would be! I have to admit the challenge has been a bit daunting at times – but also exciting. I’m really looking forward to following your progress on your Round the World challenge!

  5. You sound like me Julia, I take a lot of notice of what comes up around me and once you start looking for those signs you start seeing them everywhere. It reminds me a bit of Bruce Almighty when Bruce is trying to persuade his girlfriend to take him back and she sees messages and signs everywhere.

    @ Sue – yes, to add to what Julia has already said, maybe the signs are there already but you just haven’t allowed yourself to see them? Start to focus on what you do want and I bet you’ll see lots of signs to lead you towards that goal – enjoy 🙂
    Kate Cave, The Karma Life Goddess recently posted..Signs of Stress That Block Your Success #3 of 10My Profile

  6. Julia Barnickle

    Yes! I remember that scene in Bruce Almighty, Kate – very funny! And sometimes it really IS that obvious, isn’t it?!

  7. I often find myself humming songs that are relevant to my day or some problem I am facing. I remember once being in a very unhealthy relationship and finding myself singing “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair!” as I prepared a meal for him..I left not long afterwards.

  8. Julia Barnickle

    That’s uncanny, Martine! Perhaps it’s mostly the singers and musicians among us who get messages from our intuition in the form of song. I’m glad to hear you acted on the message you got, by the way. x

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