Scanner - Generalist or Multi-Specialist?Day 5, and indecision has set in – what shall I write about? I’ve got plenty of ideas, but I can’t decide which to do next – typical Scanner! According to my Enneagram profile, I am in perpetual motion, doing too many things – “many ideas but little follow through”.

That is so true. If I had applied all of the ideas I’ve had over the years – I’d have applied lots of ideas! I’m not saying “I’d be rich”, or even “I’d be satisfied”. I just know that, since being self-employed, I have turned into an ideas machine, but haven’t always been very good at implementing those ideas.

Which is strange, because implementation is one of my key strengths. It’s what I used to do for a living – and still do, some of the time.

Being a Scanner

The challenge, for me – and for many others – is that I’m a polymath, a Scanner, a multipotentialite, a Renaissance soul. In other words, I am interested in lots of things and have skills in lots of different areas. The “challenge” is that society seems to be looking for specialists!

I can’t remember how many times I’ve been advised to tell people – at networking events, for example – that I’m just a business coach, or just a web design expert, or just … I find that so claustrophobic. I’m far more than “just” anything!

Nowadays, I don’t tend to say what I do. I ask other people what they do, first, and then if it’s a conversation I’m interested in and can add something valuable to, all well and good. If not, I move on.

Making the right contacts

Now I’ve joined an Inspired Entrepreneur community which is both supportive and expansive. And, for the most part, the members are also Scanners, or multi-talented individuals!

I started my business because I wanted to work with people I like, and who like me. As long we can help someone, it shouldn’t really matter whether or not we’re a specialist in a particular area, or a Scanner – a serial specialist in multiple areas. A “multi-specialist”.

What’s important is that we each connect with people who appreciate us.

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My 30 day challenge runs from Monday 11th June 2012 until Tuesday 10th July 2012. You can also follow my progress on Facebook and Twitter #30DWC.

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