Masaru Emoto: "The Hidden Messages in WaterI’ve recently been reading “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto, a Japanese doctor of alternative medicine, who has been studying and photographing the formation of crystals in water.

I first came across the work of Dr Emoto in the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?

Since 2004, Dr Emoto has been photographing water crystals from various sources. He has also photographed the crystals formed after playing different types of music to water samples, speaking positive or negative phrases, and placing the jar of water on a photograph of a beautiful work of nature.

The results are amazing. The most beautiful crystal he found was created after placing a label with “Love and Gratitude” around the jar before freezing the water. When he showed the water negative phrases such as “you fool”, the crystals were not so well-formed.

Shown the word “Satan”, the water formed an ominous ring, rather like the shape of a black hole. Water heated in a microwave oven formed a similar shape. I had previously read that heating food in a microwave oven may destroy the nutrients, but this was alarming!

Dr Emoto went on to try another experiment, heating a batch of water in the microwave oven AFTER showing it the words “Love and Gratitude”. He was surprised by the result – a beautifully formed crystal, like the ones which had been shown the words “Love and Gratitude” without being subjected to microwaves.

It seemed as though the words had a protective effect on the water, preventing the microwave radiation from doing any harm. I found this concept fascinating.

When you consider that the main constituent of human beings is water, it makes you wonder what the effect might be if we showed Love and Gratitude to all the people we come in contact with.

There are lots of videos on the internet, based on the ideas in Masaru Emoto’s book. “Water Dreams”, below, is just one of them.

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