If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else.
~ Yogi Berra

enjoy the rainbowA friend regularly uses this quote, when talking to people about goal setting. However, whilst the statement obviously has an air of truth about it, my take on it is: even if you DO know where you’re going, you might end up somewhere else!

Is that a bad thing? I suppose it depends on your personality.

If you’re a goal junkie – someone who likes to plan everything in their life, down to the last detail – then the end goal is paramount. The trouble often is that, once you’ve reached that goal, it might feel like a hollow victory – and you might find yourself looking round for another challenge, asking: “what can I do next?”

If you’re a goal phobic (like me!) , you avoid setting goals for anything, and you have a tendency to drift from one thing to another. As long as it’s working well for you, it’s generally not an issue. Sometimes, though, you feel it would be good to have some sense of direction.

Human beings are programmed to seek out new experiences – whether that’s done spontaneously or as part of a plan. So you’re always going to be looking for something else, regardless of how much you’ve already achieved in your life.

We seem to be looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – and yet, as we know, there is no pot of gold waiting for us. There is only the rainbow. And the rainbow keeps moving, depending on where you’re standing.

The pot of gold – the goal – is simply a way of motivating you to move forward. Without it, you might be stuck where you are. If you realise that there is no pot of gold to aim for, you might not see the point in setting off in search of it.

Having a goal is useful for keeping you focused. Just imagine a game of football without a goal at either end of the pitch – it would simply be 22 men or women running around in circles, chasing after a ball, with no purpose. (Which is pretty much my view on football, even WITH the goals!!)

Enjoy The Rainbow

However, being too focused on a specific goal can make you blind to opportunities along the way, which may get you to where you want to be more quickly than you had anticipated. Every step along the way is a mini-goal in itself – and the ultimate goal is nothing more than another of those steps, each one of them enjoyable in their own way.

There is no “getting there”. There is only the process of moving forward, one step at a time – learning, growing, and seeking out new experiences. If you’re always chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, remember to take time, along the way, to enjoy the rainbow itself.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoy The Rainbow

  1. Even if you have a plan or a goal, you need to have an awareness of other possibilities too, otherwise wonderful opportunities may be missed. Often, something that you have looked forward to doing or achieving, is surpassed by an unimagined experience, that will lead to a different way of perceiving life and hence the likelihood for new adventures and new goals. This awareness will enable you to enjoy everything you do in life.

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Absolutely, Rosalind! It’s all about keeping an open mind, and seeing where life takes you – and as you say, these detours can sometimes surpass your original expectations.

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