in my honest opinionThe other day, a friend gave me some feedback on one of my earlier blog posts. “After I read the post,“ she said, “I didn’t get a clear sense of your honest opinion on the matter.” “That’s because I didn’t give it,” I replied.

The fact is, I don’t really have an opinion! Well, no – that’s not quite true either. I DO have an opinion – about most things – but it’s not a clear-cut, “black or white”, “this is right and this is wrong” kind of opinion.

It often depends on the situation – that’s why I find it difficult to fill in questionnaires! And besides – it’s only my opinion, it’s not fact.

I do have strong opinions about some things – for example, that political and religious institutions are designed to control the population and are outmoded. However, I don’t have a viable alternative solution, so I generally keep my opinion to myself.

Taking responsibility

If people were able to “police” themselves – to take responsibility for their own actions and do what they know in their hearts is right – there would be no need for control. There would be no need for CCTV on every street corner so that the authorities can determine, after the fact, who was the perpetrator of the crime.

But people seem to be unable to police themselves. They seem to be unable to control themselves.

We are all so money-driven nowadays, that people just seem to be out for what they can get – and if they can’t get what they want, then all hell breaks loose.

We’ve forgotten how to be grateful for simple things like the the sun coming up every morning – even if we aren’t able to see it through thick clouds. We seem unable to appreciate how special we are, on this tiny planet in the middle of nowhere – and how fortunate we are.

Life is precious

When I see images of young people on the streets, after an evening of binge drinking (theirs, not mine!!), I feel sad, and I lose hope for the future of the human race. I want to shake them, and tell them they are wasting their youth – that life is precious, and that there are far more important things to learn than how to get drunk and fall over.

I want to encourage them to hold their heads high, and to embrace life, instead of running away from it. I want them to ignore the idiots that bully them because they’re wearing the “wrong” trainers or listening to the “wrong” music. That’s only someone’s opinion. It’s not fact.

I’ve spent most of my life on the “outside”, being shunned or mocked by the “in-crowd”. So be it.

I’m not a radical, I’m not an activist or an extremist. I just don’t like labels, and I don’t want someone telling me what I should think, do or look like. Each one of us is unique, and we should protect that uniqueness – not try to turn ourselves into cardboard cut-outs of someone who, frankly, doesn’t exist.

In my honest opinion, we need to discover the joy of being ourselves.

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4 thoughts on “In My Honest Opinion…

  1. One factor is that society bombards us with messages encouraging us to live in our lower selves. It takes an unusual sort of reflection, self-awareness and imagination to get past that.

    A while ago I did a blog post semi-facetiously suggesting that one of the best things we could do for society would be to cancel Eastenders and its ilk. Although the people who make it work hard and do a good job, it’s selling a model of life where people make bad decisions, lie and hurt others to try to get out of the hole, then do it all again next week. It’s spreading the message that life is all low-grade. Similarly the very popular magazines full of “real-life” stories about crappy stuff that’s happened to people and how Vaguely Famous Person is too fat this week.

    More stuff like Robin Hood, King Arthur and indeed Harry Potter, I say.

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Well said, Tim – we definitely need more positive role models!

  3. I love this Julia – you do have an opinion – and you show how much you care – thank you for showing up

  4. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks for the encouragement, Nick!

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