an attack of the "irresponsibles"Lately I’ve been suffering from an attack of the “irresponsibles” – a condition far worse than mere procrastination or idleness.

The thing is, I’ve got a piece of work I need to do – and yet, try as I might, I can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm for it. Which is silly, really, because if I do the piece of work, I’ll get paid.

This is not a new problem – I’ve suffered from bouts of “not feeling like doing anything” before. In the past, though, I assumed it was because I wasn’t playing enough – that I was chaining myself to the desk too much.

And I thought that, by doing this 30 Day Writing Challenge, I would lose that feeling of lethargy. But that’s not proving to be the case.

My family would probably tell you that I’ve always been irresponsible. I can remember an occasion, shortly after I finished my degree, when I decided to take myself off to France, with barely a penny in my pocket, to visit some friends – when I should have stayed home and found a job.

It was during that trip to France, though, that I realised I didn’t want to be a beach bum – that I wanted to have a profession that would enable me to travel. Had I not spent that time away from the hum of routine life, I might never have come to that conclusion.

I was telling a friend, recently, that I tend to equate having fun with being irresponsible, and being responsible with having no fun – probably because the people who I see as being responsible don’t seem to enjoy life very much.

I’ve now changed that belief to “Having fun is being responsible”, because:

  1. Having fun is good for my health.
  2. Having fun is a more effective way of learning about new things which I can share with the world.
  3. Having fun is a way of rewarding myself, so that I’m more motivated to do the stuff I need to do to bring in the money.

I think I need to take it a stage further, though. I’m going to make sure that the work I take on, in future, is also fun, so that there’s no distinction between the two – and no need to reward myself for doing the things that bring in the money.

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