How was your day, dear?”
“Oh, you know -the usual. Blissfully happy.”

no more heroesThat seems idyllic, doesn’t it? The idea of every day being blissfully happy. But what would it really be like?

Like it or not, human beings are programmed to seek new adventures and new challenges. If there were no mountains to climb, no rivers to cross – no reason to be a hero – what would we do with ourselves?

I remember, a few years ago, saying to my coach that I’d love be able to do nothing all day. I’ve made a similar comment recently – that I’ll be happier when I don’t have to work for a living.

However, I wouldn’t do nothing – doing nothing would drive me absolutely potty. But I would probably do less of everything.

I’ve touched on this topic in recent posts – the idea that, in order to experience true happiness, we need to have some sadness in our lives. In order to appreciate the sunshine, we need to also have rain…

According to an article I’ve just been reading, about “underindulgence”, it seems that, if we only did things we really enjoy, without all the annoying little tasks in between, it might just take the edge of the enjoyment.

And if all the challenges came in neat little packages, that wouldn’t work either. We need the peaks and troughs, to make life interesting. We need quiet time, to regroup our thoughts and gather our strength before the next onslaught.

It would be wonderful to think that we could live in a world where there is no struggle, where there is no disease and no war. Where everyone is open-minded and tolerant of each other. Where people are “nice”, and there is no conflict and no arguments. Where everyone is pulling together for a common good.

I’m not the heroic type, as I’ve mentioned before. I’m too much of a wuss for that. But I do admire people who push the frontiers – whether that’s in science, exploration, or simply running a business that breaks the traditional mould.

But if everything were already perfect – if we lived in Utopia – what would those people do? There would be no need for them. Instead, the world would be filled with management consultants and telephone sanitizers (ref: Douglas Adams “The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe”).

And then where would we be?!

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2 thoughts on “No More Heroes

  1. You’re absolutely right, Julia. The joyful times are times to regroup and recharge your batteries. But growth and transformation happened to me only in the face of challenges, disappointments, failures and setbacks. Still, I don’t always want to grow and be transformed; sometimes I just love to just coast…
    Sue Plumtree recently posted..SETBACKS: CATASTROPHES OR OPPORTUNITIES?My Profile

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Sue – I couldn’t agree more. It’s good to take a moment or two to enjoy life in between the challenges! I suppose, like in most cases, moderation is called for – not too many challenges and not too few, so that we can grow and also rest in between. Even plants have dormant periods, without which they probably wouldn’t be able to bloom so profusely.

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