This song won’t be on the radio
But I’m going to sing it anyway
As if my last breath was today

B Reith, A J Rafael, Jeremy Passion singing Just For YouI love the guys’ voices on this song, and the harmonies are exquisite. It’s kind of a throwaway song, and yet they put as much heart and soul into it, as if it were a chart-topper.

The lyrics say that the song won’t be on the radio – in fact, it probably won’t make it outside the four walls of the hotel room – and yet they sing it with all their heart.

I know that I’ve been guilty, in the past, of not doing things because there didn’t seem much point – because I couldn’t see a way of sharing them.

But, as this song points out, if there are things you love doing, then they’re worth doing even if nobody else knows about them. They’re worth doing for their own sake – just for you.

“Just For You” – B Reith with A J Rafael and Jeremy Passion

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