porcelain pig and triangular green fairy
I ask you – who doesn’t need a porcelain pig and a triangular green fairy in their life?

Last night, I found it difficult to get to sleep – which is unusual for me – after posting about my new challenge on my blog, Facebook and Twitter.

My heart started pounding as I realised the mammoth size of the task ahead:

Not only to take a photograph every day for 365 consecutive days (as if that weren’t already enough of a challenge), but also to turn this website into a personal blog, post the photos daily, and move the business stuff elsewhere.

I started to panic. Perhaps, after all, I could simply add another category to this blog, and continue to write about authentic marketing, inspiration, web tech tips AND photography?

As I lay in bed, I could hear the blood throbbing like jungle drums through my ears. I finally drifted off at 3am.

This morning (Day 5), I awoke – feeling tired and haggered – to a loud voice screaming in my head:


“By all means, set yourself a challenge to take a photograph every day for a year. That will be fun. BUT DON’T TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT!!”

“What if you fail? What if you forget to take a photograph some days? Or, worse still, what if you take 365 photographs in 365 days, and they’re all rubbish? Will you be able to stand the public humiliation?”

Good questions. Thanks!

But then the sun came out, and I found myself singing a new tune: “It’s a beautiful day, hey hey…”

Here’s the thing…

Perhaps I will crash and burn.

Perhaps my photographs will be rubbish.

Perhaps nobody will see them anyway, or care that I’m turning my website into a personal account of my own, unique journey into the exciting and scary unknown.

On the other hand, perhaps this is the dramatic change I’ve been seeking for a long time. Perhaps it’s the gateway to a new dawn…

Perhaps I’m finally coming to my senses?!

Who knows?

Ask me again in 360 days!

2 thoughts on “Coming To My Senses

  1. I shall enjoy your pictures so! x

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Martine! x 🙂

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