2 skimming stonesWalking out in the rain today, to post a letter, I came across these 2 lovely skimming stones in the pocket of my raincoat.

I picked them up off the beach in Bournemouth, in June this year. They accompanied me all the way to Los Angeles, in November – and I was tempted to skim them into the Pacific Ocean at Santa Monica, but didn’t.

So they were still in my pocket, reminding me to show gratitude for all the wonderful things that have happened in 2012…

It’s been an amazing year for my business. At the end of 2011 I set 2 intentions: to work with coaches and trainers to deliver programmes on-line, and to earn regular income. Miraculously, both intentions manifested themselves – within the first 2 months – because I stopped pushing, and trying to make things happen.

Instead, I opened myself to opportunities that came to me – opportunities to work with people I admire and enjoy being around. (I like this game!)

I’ve been able to spend more time with my family this year than in recent years, due to improved health and finances – both of which I am hugely grateful for.

It’s also been a good year for travel – finally dusting off my passport to spend a week in Los Angeles with Paul, after 5 years of purely domestic excursions – and it gave me the opportunity to try out the “location independent business” lifestyle for real. I plan to do more of that in 2013…!

I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had this year, and the friendships I’ve made, nurtured or re-kindled – some with people I’ve not yet met in person, but have been having some fun and/or thought-provoking exchanges with on-line, via Facebook and Twitter.

My intentions for 2013 are much the same as for 2012, and I expect my 2013 gratitude diary to be every bit as full as this year’s – and perhaps even more so! I’m also intending to take many more photographs and to continue my quest to enjoy Life to the full, and get paid to do what I love.

I wish you a happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year – may all your most wonderful dreams for 2013 come true. x

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