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I thought I would share with you some of the blogs I’ve been reading, over the past week, that have inspired me. Overarching themes this week are: follow your bliss, express your true self, realise you are enough, take care of yourself and honour your own needs.

Kelly Rae Roberts talks about hidden barriers and not turning down the volume on your genius, simply to avoid the possibility of others feeling threatened by it.

Melani Marx warns about dancing around the edges, and reminds us that “when we do not take responsibility for our own needs, … they create all kinds of craziness for us.”

Chris Guillebeau posts a special broadcast from the end of the world, as he completes his challenge to visit every country by his 35th birthday. He says that: “many of us long for community and challenge”.

Jenny Kowalczuk gives some helpful and funny tips – especially for those of us who work from home – on how to deal with a “productivity drought” and get yourself from a dead zone to in the zone.

Beverley Glick points out that there’s no such thing as an ordinary life, and that we each have a duty to share our unique story with the world.

Flora Bowley is noticing a shift in people’s awareness, as she continues her blogging challenge – and a desire to follow your bliss that leaves “no room for old stagnant stories of smallness”.
Update: I’ve since signed up for Flora Bowley’s “Bloom True” e-course (affiliate link)

Terri Wingham explains how 20 minutes can change everything and how writing her daily Morning Pages has helped her realise her dream of helping cancer survivors become international volunteers.

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  1. Thank you for including me in this post! I will be sharing it on A Fresh Chapter’s Facebook page early next week. There are some great resources here! Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Julia Barnickle

    You’re very welcome Terri – thank you for sharing the post!

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