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Some more blogs I’ve been reading, over the past week, that have inspired me. Overarching themes this week are: doing the work, recognising your talents, reconnecting with fun, belonging, effortlessness, telling your personal story, and things you need to know about starting a business.

Jeff Goins reminds us that we become what we practise, and if you want to be something – a writer, entrepreneur, whatever – the best way to begin is by doing it.

Susannah Conway is coming out about being a teacher. I was on her Unravelling course earlier this year, and I can testify that she is a wonderful teacher!

Ali Edwards writes on being lost and found – about how she has been ‘reclaiming/reconnecting with the “fun” me’ since her divorce.

Beverley Glick reminds us to value effortlessness, rather than effort – focusing on the feminine qualities of creativity, nurturing, relatedness, connection and flow.

Christine Kane answers the question about how much we should reveal of ourselves in The Million Dollar Truth about your personal story.

Marianne Cantwell, in her inimitable, fun way, shares 9 pieces of advice they won’t tell you at business school (but really should)

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