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One of my favourite films is “The Fighting Temptations”, because it’s funny, and there are some beautiful songs in it. The video, below, is one of my favourites. However, if I find myself singing it, I have to stop myself – because (it seems to me) it’s full of negative ideas.

The chorus goes like this: “Seems like I always fall short of being worthy / I ain’t good enough, but He still loves me.” And there are other references to “trying my best, but it ain’t good enough”.

Sadly, many religions – and our society in general – seem to foster this idea of us being not good enough, or not worthy. Some even believe we are born this way. The worst part about it is that we pick up on this, and start putting ourselves down.

I suppose this continual self-deprecation is done in the name of “humility”. But in my opinion, humility isn’t about putting yourself down – it’s simply about saying “I’m NO BETTER than anyone else.”

The song also contains the lyrics: “I’m not perfect. Yes I do wrong” – which may well be true. Often, though, when we’re being told we’re “bad” or “wrong”, it’s by people who want us to do things “better”, or differently – in other words, THEIR WAY! (I hate to admit it – I’ve done the same)

What if each one of us truly believed that we ARE worthy – that we ARE good enough, just as we are? What difference could that make to our individual lives, to the lives of those around us – to the whole world?

Perhaps people would no longer write such beautiful songs, but I doubt it – and I definitely think it’s worth taking the risk!


2 thoughts on “Being Good Enough

  1. This is also one of my favourite films! And this particular song moves me to tears every time – but it is the harmonies rather than the message that gets me. I hadn’t really taken in the lyrics actually – I think I’ve always seen it as a song about unconditional love – but I get your point!

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Yes, I love the harmonies too, Gina – which is why I can’t stop singing it!! I think you’re right: it is intended as a message about unconditional love. Thanks for reminding me of that perspective.

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