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I haven’t written a blog post in days (make that weeks?!), which is bad form when you’re a “blogger”.

Not only is it a bit like holding your breath until you turn blue, and pass out on the floor – it also lets down the people who enjoy reading what you write. So for that, I apologise.

The thing is… I didn’t quite know what to say, because I’ve been going through a bit of a metamorphosis. [oh no, not again] Yes. Again. And it’s taken me a while to process all that stuff.

You see, having argued for several years now that I didn’t need clarity (“I’ve never had clarity in my entire life, and it never bothered me before”), I’ve realised that, if you want to be successful in business (and by that, I mean earn enough money to keep you in lollipops, if that’s your fancy, in addition to keeping Mr MasterCard happy), then you DO need to have clarity.

Clarity about what?

Clarity about what you stand for.

A friend said to me recently: “I don’t know what you stand for.” And I wasn’t surprised. Even I didn’t know what I stood for.

I felt a bit like Julia Roberts, in Runaway Bride, who doesn’t know what type of eggs she likes, because she always defers to her current boyfriend’s taste.

And I’m not usually like that!

I don’t usually just go along with what everyone else thinks.

If there’s an opposing view to be had, then I’ll have it – if only to make the conversation a bit more interesting!!

So I thought long and hard about this. And it wasn’t easy. (imagine Pooh bear – “think, think, think” – and you’ll pretty much have the picture)

It’s a bit like asking someone “what do you really want to do with your life?” It’s much easier to say what you DON’T want to do…

So I started with that. What DON’T I stand for? And there was just so much that it got awfully complicated. So I needed to try a different tack.

Then, one day, I noticed how some people were behaving in a particular situation, and I thought: “that’s interesting.” And then I noticed similar behaviour in some other people, in another situation.

And that was when I realised that the clarity I was seeking was not about WHAT, but about WHO.

John Williams, of “Screw Work Let’s Play” fame, said as much in a conversation we had recently. (he was the friend who said he didn’t know what I stand for!)

In Wealth Dynamics, you don’t ask a Supporter “what” – that’s the question you ask a Creator. You ask a Supporter “who” – for example “who would you like to work with?” or “who would you most like to emulate?”

And that’s when I realised that I wanted to work with introverts – specifically introverts in business!

As an introvert myself, I know how uncomfortable we often feel about promoting ourselves. Most of us have a message we are desperate to share with the world – we’re just not quite sure how to express what it is.

I strongly believe (steady now!) that much of the advice we get from marketing gurus is aimed at extroverts, and it doesn’t really work for introverts – or it needs changing to take account of the way introverts are wired.

So I’ve decided I want to help heart-centred introverts in business to be more “successful”, whatever that means for the individual – whether it’s sharing your message, earning more money, having more free time, travelling, making a difference, having an endless supply of lollipops… all of the above and then more!

I’ve also decided to move all of the business-related stuff off this website and onto a new website:

The Quiet Entrepreneur

That means I can dedicate this website to exploring creativity, my mantra of “Taking Life As It Comes” – and anything else that I’m curious about.

It would be lovely to have you along for the journey – either way!

10 thoughts on “Clarity – And Being An Introvert In Business

  1. I smiled as I read this Julia! Just recently I’ve gained more clarity about who I like to work with in my coaching practice. Guess who? Yup, introverts – and particularly those who are a bit more sensitive than average. I don’t actually use the word ‘introvert’ on my website because I’m not sure all introverts know that’s what they are, but I’m fairly confident that anyone reading the description of who I work with will recognise themselves!
    Gina Musa recently posted..You make me so angry! (No not you)My Profile

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Ha ha – what a coincidence, Gina! I think you’re right about people not necessarily knowing that they’re an introvert. I’m planning to write quite a bit about that on both this website and the business website, to help clarify things.

  3. Julia, I almost never watch “marketing” videos any more — but after reading your blog post, this introvert clicked immediately to your site and was watching your video before I could even think. The calm presence of your video sucked me in and I smiled the whole way through it (never mind how gorgeous your accent is to this american chick). I realized how often I feel completely bombarded by videos and websites and can’t flee from them fast enough. Not so with yours.

    BRAVO on your clarity and offering this service to an underserved group!
    Starla King recently posted..Give LoveMy Profile

  4. Julia Barnickle

    Thank you, Starla! I know exactly what you mean abut wanting to flee from some videos and websites… The fact that you not only clicked through to the website, but also watched the video, tells me that I’m on the right track – which is comforting to know! (Glad you like the accent too!!)

  5. Hi Julia
    Lovely post. I acknowledge your process – especially the “think, think, think”! Introverts in business, yes please! I think we’re all starting to come out of the closet and we have so much to offer – a lot of it usually supported by lots of deep thought and reading of course! Well done for getting to your place of clarity, i’m looking forward to hearing more.

  6. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Jenny! I agree: we have lots to offer – we just haven’t been very good about telling people! If you’d like to hear more, I recommend signing up for the newsletter on the new website: 😉

  7. Julia,
    You have hit on something magical here. I think that many introverts are sick and tired of being told to get out there in a big way, which is just so against their nature and then end up struggling and feeling like failures because of it.
    It is possible for introverts to make a good income we just need more people to show us the way. Go for it!
    Karen Revell recently posted..Are you committed to your business?My Profile

  8. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Karen! You’re absolutely right. One of the things I’m going to be doing is to interview highly successful introverts, to find out how they did it, so that I can spread the word!

  9. stuart kerslake

    Hi Julia – lovely to see you so excited (in an introverted way:)) From the responses above, you seem to have found your “tribe”.

    Thank you for the reminder about Wealth Dynamics and the questions to ask each “energy” type.

    My Clarity model has its roots in WD and asks people to articulate Why they’re in business (passion, vision, legacy), What they/their business stand for (values, principles – not always that easy as you identified), Who the business will serve (including themselves which is often forgotten), When/Where to trade which products and services, and How to do that.

    The challenge you very helpfully identify, is that if you ask an introvert What or Who type questions they will be far outside their flow when they try to respond.

    That explains why I’m struggling to engage a particular client in the process – they are an introvert, and as you note in your blog, like many others I’ve been “guilty” of using predominantly extrovert language, largely because most people I’ve worked with have been Creator/Star/Supporter profiles.

    Thank you Julia!!

  10. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Stuart – that’s a very interesting point. In fact, I’ve discovered that the WD profiles can be a bit confusing. For example, in WD terms, I’m a Supporter / Star, which would suggest that I’m an extrovert. However, I’m quite strongly introverted – although I do enjoy performing on stage! I suppose that, as coaches and consultants, we always need to be mindful that personality typing is only a guideline – and we need to keep asking questions to get a more accurate profile of an individual client.

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