"Love in all its widest senses is the greatest prize" - Rita Shaw (1930 - 1993) bench in Regents Park, London

Yesterday, I wrote about Amanda Palmer’s TED talk: “The Art Of Asking”.

It had a profound effect on me. So much so, that this morning I was thinking about writing to my newsletter subscribers and asking for help.

As an experiment.

Even though it totally went against the grain.

Then I received this Note from the Universe:

The easiest way to make the biggest difference in the world begins with reaching out, right away, to those nearest.
And they happen to be ready.
As are you.”

So I did it.

I asked my newsletter subscribers for help – even though I felt hair-standing-on-end, stomach-tied-in-knots uncomfortable doing it.

I did it because I realised that – if I’m going to be investing in my greatness, so that I can make a bigger difference in the world – I’m going to need help.

And the wonderful thing is, I got a positive response from enough people to make me feel that the experiment was worth the agony I went through.

I feel loved.

So a heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to my lovely newsletter subscribers for their support.

I really appreciate it.

And I shall be asking for help from people a lot more from now on – in lots of different ways! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ask And It Is Given

  1. Hi Julia, I hadn’t got round to responding to your ‘ask’ blog but I wanted to tell you that I wrote something in my last newsletter and got exactly the help I needed offered to me! And I’ve recently realised too that I need some help if I’m to make more of a difference so plan to write to you with an idea…..Gina

  2. Julia Barnickle

    That’s wonderful, Gina! I look forward to hearing more about your idea. 🙂

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