It’s our shadow side that causes us to invest in our smallness instead of our greatness

A few days ago, I said I would be writing about my journey to invest in my greatness. So what, exactly, do I mean by that? It’s probably simpler to explain what I mean by the opposite – investing in my smallness…

For the past few years, I’ve skirted around my business, in a manner of speaking – never really being totally committed to what I was doing, always feeling that I wasn’t quite in the right place, that there were a hundred other things I’d also like to be doing.

And all that time, I wasn’t putting myself out there much – because there didn’t seem much point in promoting myself, if I didn’t really know what it was I was offering. Plus, as an introvert, I find it difficult, anyway, to explain to people what I do!

The problem is, this can become self-perpetuating. The more you tell yourself you’re not quite in the right place – not quite ready to go “public” – the more you tend to shrink into the shadows.

It’s our shadow side that causes us to invest in our smallness instead of our greatness. [Tweet this]

If you’re like me, you have a conversation going on in your head:

You: “I want to make a bigger difference in the world – I need to get myself out there more.”

Other You: “Who do you think you are? Who’s going to be interested in what you have to say? Stop being so big-headed.”

For a long time, I thought it was my ego that was telling me I wanted to make a bigger difference in the world. And every time I contemplated it, I asked myself the debilitating question (which I thought came from my real Self): What if there isn’t any more substance to me than this? What if this is all I am?

But actually, it’s our ego that’s telling us we can’t be all that we want to be. Our real Self knows that we are whole and perfect.

So investing in my greatness is about stepping up and acknowledging that I am more than I have allowed myself to be in the past. Stepping into my brilliance and allowing my light to shine, rather than hiding it under a bushel.

So now I’m putting a stake in the ground:

I’m an introvert and a Scanner / multiple specialist, a writer and a photographer, a linguist and a traveller – and an expert in Taking Life As It Comes – and I help introverts, Scanners and recovering creatives to connect with their creative passion, get clarity about their values, find flow, and build a lifestyle doing what they love.

There – that wasn’t so hard, was it?!

P.S. I also help introverts in business with mindset and marketing challenges! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Investing In My Greatness

  1. Tim Gray


    As you know, I’ve had a similar experience. In my case it was “I want to do something but I don’t know what it is”. Peeling back the layers has been hard work. I may have got it now, but of course resistance is trying to stop me going live…

    I think some of it is the childhood programming, “what one thing do you want to be?” Whereas really we need to set sail in an attractive direction and make small or large course corrections all along the way.

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Tim. It’s interesting, what you say about childhood programming. I’ve always known I was a multiple specialist (or “generalist”, as a specialist would say!). At school I was equally good at a number of things, so it was really difficult to choose when it came to ‘A’-levels – especially when the subjects I enjoyed most were all in the same “pool”!!

    I agree, we need to encourage young people to worry less about the details of what they will eventually do – some of the most interesting careers / businesses come from an amalgamation of different skills anyway. As Steve Jobs once said: nothing is ever wasted.

  3. Great post and yep, I can empathise – am eventually putting myself out there and writing that book!
    Lorna recently posted..Mind That First Bull, He’s Rowdy!My Profile

  4. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Lorna – and congratulations! 🙂

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