Instameet - Barbican, London - copyright Julia Barnickle

I recently went along to my first ever Instameet. I had never heard of Instameets before, but apparently they’re all the rage on Instagram – which I’m not currently a member of, as I don’t have an iPhone… This video explains what an Instameet is all about.

Instameet, London - copyright Julia Barnickle

As the link with Instagram might suggest, an Instameet is an opportunity for photographers to get together and take photographs. It’s a bit like a flashmob for introverts – a group of people gathers in one place, blends in to the background, then one by one, they suddenly start taking photographs! 😉

Instameet - Barbican, London - copyright Julia Barnickle

I found out about the Instameet on Susannah Conway‘s blog – I did one of her programmes earlier in the year – so although I’m not big on getting together with a group of total strangers, I felt comforted that there would at least be one person there that I’d know!

Instameet, Smithfield Market, London - copyright Julia Barnickle

This particular Instameet was organised by Xanthe Berkeley. We all met up outside Moorgate station, and headed off in the direction of the Barbican, following the “yellow line”, then through Smithfield Market, and on to Clerkenwell Road, where we stopped for refreshments before going our separate ways.

Instameet - Barbican, London - copyright Julia Barnickle

I really enjoyed myself, actually – it’s a great form of networking for introverts, because you have a common purpose – to walk a particular route and take photos – and you get to meet some lovely people.

Instameet, London - copyright Julia Barnickle

3 thoughts on “Instameet #1

  1. I always become hyper shy when taking photographs in public, so this is a very nice idea. The purpose and the meet-up sound empowering. Very nice photographs, too!

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Catherine! Yes, it was a very enjoyable way to take photographs. 🙂

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