You Raise Me Up – Sing To Beat Breast Cancer

In August 2013, I joined the Sing To Beat Breast Cancer choir – and recorded the single “You Raise Me Up” with classical singers Camilla Kerslake and Blake, to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Campaign charity.

The story behind the recording…

In 2011 Camilla Kerslake put her classical singing career on hold, when her mother – my friend Deborah Kerslake – was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In August 2013, Deborah told me that Camilla and classical boy band Blake were recording a single on behalf of the Breast Cancer Campaign charity – and that Camilla wanted to form a choir to sing the song with them.

“Would you like to be in the choir?” Deborah asked.

“Silly question!! Of course,” I replied.

“Good. Do you know anyone else who’s had breast cancer and can sing – and who can come to an audition next week?”

Thanks to the help of another friend, Gosia Gorna – a life coach at the Breast Cancer Haven, in Fulham, London – we were able to get in contact with several ladies who could indeed sing, and who were excited to be involved. Together with a handful of women who had found out about the choir through Camilla’s website, we all descended on Price Studios in Battersea, London, one sunny day in August.

The Sing To Beat Breast Cancer choir was born!

Many of the women in the choir have never performed – or even sung – before. A few, including myself, have sung on stage – but certainly not at this level. Since recording the single, it’s been a whirlwind of performances, photo shoots and pink carpet rides!

So far, in September and October 2013, the Sing To Beat Breast Cancer choir has performed

  • at the opening night of Blake’s 2013 UK tour, at the London Hippodrome
  • at a Macmillan coffee morning at the Grosvenor House Apartments on Park Lane, London
  • at the Inspiration Awards for Women at Cadogan Hall in Chelsea, London, raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer
  • at the Pink Ribbon Ball – the Breast Cancer Campaign charity’s flagship event in the Dorchester Hotel ballroom, Park Lane, London

And there’s still more to come!

Every single choir member feels so honoured and privileged to be involved in this project, helping to raise funds for breast cancer research and showing solidarity with anyone who is living with breast cancer. And we’re loving every minute of it!

Who would have guessed that having breast cancer and being able to sing would lead to such an extraordinary experience!

Please watch the video below – and if you feel moved, please buy the single from iTunes or Amazon, and help us to beat Breast Cancer.


Find out more about the choir on the Sing To Beat Breast Cancer choir website.

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