I love this infographic! It explains really well what it’s like being an introvert, and the misunderstandings that sometimes happen when we’re quiet or don’t want to join in. It’s not that introverts don’t like people (we do!) – it’s just that, if we decide to interact with people, there is a price to pay, so we have to make sure that it’s worth the effort.

And for introverts in business, like me, it can be even more tricky as you face the challenge of making contact with potential clients, when you’d much rather stay home and read a good book!! 😉

Dr Carmella's Guide To Understanding The Introverted

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  1. […] I’m meeting people face-to-face, rather than hiding behind my computer all the time, my inner Introvert is whispering to me (loudly) that I’m running out of energy and I need to stay in more, this […]

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