August Break - Day 2- Pattern

Most of my photographs are colourful – I love colour and am instantly drawn to it. More recently, though, I’ve become interested in shapes, forms and monochrome patterns.

Both of these photographs were taken by the River Thames, in Kingston. The one above is a grill over the river, leading to a private boat mooring. It was a bit rickety, and I have to admit I felt ever so slightly wobbly as I stood on it!

August Break - Day 2- Pattern - birds' feet

I love the patterns that the birds’ feet make in the snow, in the image above. There’s something about the randomness that appeals to me.

I take a lot of photographs in the snow, despite not being a great fan of trudging through the snow – it’s fun when you don’t have to, but a nuisance when you need to get somewhere!

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