August Break - Day 3- Window - Collonges La Rouge

This picture was taken during a three-week tour of France, in December 1999 – so it pre-dates my conversion to digital photography and is a rare example of a slide I’ve scanned in.

I had been working on a big IT project all through the summer, so I had accumulated a lot of leave. That was also the year I bought my first “grown-up” car – a comfortable saloon car that made the nearly 2,000 mile round trip far more comfortable than my 12-year-old Ford Fiesta would have done!

We stayed with friends in Collonges La Rouge, in the Corrèze region of France (near the Dordogne). The village is charming – all the buildings are made of this deep, warm reddish brown stone which I instantly fell in love with. The window is so romantic – I love windows in France anyway, with their (usually colourful) shutters and their net curtains protecting the owners’ modesty.

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