August Break - Day 8 - Selfie

I don’t often take selfies – I can never manage to get myself in a position that looks natural or that makes me appear human.

For this one, I followed the advice to close my eyes, which seems to have worked reasonably well. I actually took the picture with the webcam on my laptop.

I’m a bit dishevelled – which is how I feel at the moment – but at least I’m looking fairly peaceful, considering my current situation.

2 thoughts on “The August Break 2014 – Day 8: Selfie

  1. I’m not a great selfie fan, especially when they’re done on phones as folk often get horseface syndrome, but this is a lovely one, really serene and natural. Never occurred to me to use the laptop, probably because my webcam has a sticking plaster over it in case of accidental switch ons!
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  2. Julia Barnickle

    Ha ha! That reminds me of a story about a lady I used to work with, who stuck a sheet of A4 paper over her computer monitor, while the tecchies were installing a computer network, so that nobody could watch her through the screen while she worked!! 😉
    I was pleasantly surprised by how well this photo came out – usually my webcam makes me look horrendous.

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