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I came across the idea of “Project 52”, posting a photograph each week for a year, on Erica’s website – someone I’ve met in Xanthe Berkeley’s “A Year of Creating Time Capsules” community. Then, through the same community, I found references to the project on Teri’s website, Milina’s website and Jodi’s website.

I’ve tried, previously, to post a photograph every day on the blog – but the longest I’ve ever managed to do this is for a month. Even then, most of the time I’ve ended up using photographs from my archive, rather than new photographs, because I don’t go out every day, and there’s not much of interest to photograph at home…

But I reckoned that even I should be able to manage a photograph each week – especially now that I’m committed to getting out to film at least one video per month during 2015. In fact, I take a number of photographs that I don’t get around to using in the films, so that will be a good source – like the photograph above, taken on the South Bank while filming for my Festive London video.

I quite like the way a weekly photography project ties in with my mantra of Taking Life As It Comes – in this case, I’ll be photographing my life as it happens. My intention this year is to extend my boundaries, to explore and experience more of life, and to express myself creatively. So, hopefully, I’ll have something interesting to report on! 😉

So, at the same time as doing at least one video per month, I’m going to have a go at posting a photograph each week on the blog. I’m already two weeks behind, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to catch up. We’ll see how I get on…

4 thoughts on “Project 52 – A Photograph per Week in 2015 – 1/52

  1. It’s a great (albeit challenging) project. I am so glad I did it as have 52 weeks of time capsules for years to come

  2. Julia Barnickle

    I’m sure it will be challenging for me too, Teri – but I think what you did (taking portrait photos of your kids) must have been even more challenging. I don’t know how you found the time!

  3. Hi Julia,
    Hope you’re well! I’ve just recently woken up from cyberhibernation and thought I’d pop over to see what you were up to. Before I get immersed in your photos and catching up with your posts and news, I just wanted to say hi in case I get sidetracked. The 52 photos idea resonated with me so much! One a week, and an inner or outward safari to go with it, feels so do-able somehow; maybe it’s the structure that appeals to me. Or it would be do-able if I could just get more confident with the uploading and sizing of the photos. My blog theme has a mind of its own!

  4. Julia Barnickle

    I hope you do manage to beat your blog theme into submission, so that you can gain confidence with uploading and sizing your photos, Janice. I’ve definitely decided it brightens up the blog when there are at least some photos in between the words – and I’ve found words hard to come by lately, so in theory it makes it easier to post something. I’m already behind with my posts, again, though – I don’t know where the time goes – so I’ll probably be posting a whole month’s worth in one go!!

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