Kingston upon Thames - Project 52 2015 - 2/52

This week was busy with hospital appointments for scans and results (all good, hooray!) and ongoing treatment (no more chemo, though, hip hip hooray!).

In between, I managed a long walk by the river Thames in Kingston – not my usual walk, but a bit further along, towards Surbiton. I was on the lookout for walls to photograph, as part of a prompted photo challenge which I’ve since abandoned because it didn’t resonate with me.

This was one of the photos of walls that I took – it’s part of the outside terrace belonging to a riverside restaurant, and I rather liked the combination of logs and bricks. It reminded me of the log pile you get next to a cozy real fire.

I had intended to post a photograph of something I painted during an “art as therapy” workshop at the hospital – but in the end, I chickened out. Not that it was so terrible – but it was in response to the prompt: paint where you are right now. Which I found difficult to articulate in paint.

The truth is, I’m not totally sure where I am right now – and that’s OK. I feel as though I’ve been given yet another chance – and this time, I’m going to make the most of it. So I’m not making any plans – I’m just going to enjoy life one day at a time.

Excuse me while I burst into song…!

2 thoughts on “Kingston-upon-Thames – Project 52 – 2/52

  1. Just wanted to say YAY! 🙂 about the health news! I’m off to have Friday pizza and wine now, but that is really good news! We had a batch of not so good events just after my last blog post, which is one of the reasons I mothballed the blog again, so good news is very, very welcome!
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  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Janice – YAY indeed! 🙂 Sorry to hear you had a batch of not so good events – and glad that you’ve started to blog again. I know it can be difficult to write, when Life is throwing stuff at us – I just tend to batten down the hatches and get on with what must be done, and I find it difficult to articulate anything useful during that time. But eventually we come out of it, thank goodness, and can share our ongoing journey with the world.

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