Chelsea Town Hall

This week I met up with a group of friends for the first time in months, discovered Instagram, and also visited Chelsea with my friend, Elaine Hopkins, whose grandmother used to live there in the 1960s – before it became fashionable.

This is the first of my “London Cameos” video projects – and, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to pan out. The idea behind London Cameos is to film an area of London which has some special meaning to the friend I’m visiting with – and to get their unique story about why this area is special.

Sir Thomas More statue, Chelsea

Ideally, I’d like to photograph and film the area, and also film and/or interview the individual on camera. Unfortunately, the weather was cold and grey when Elaine and I went to Chelsea, and it turned into a bit of a route march, trying to keep warm!

So I’ll go back to take some more pictures on a sunnier day – which means the video will take a little longer to complete. As Elaine said, though, it’s another opportunity for us to get together for a chat – which is something I always look forward to! 🙂

Albert Bridge, Chelsea

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