Color / Colour Pink

During the month of February, I joined in the Color // Colour Lovers photo challenge started by Xanthe Berkeley and Andrea Jenkins on Instagram – so I thought I’d post the photos here too.

Color / Colour Pink

Each week there was a prompt for a different colour (or color!) – I missed the first 2 weeks (red and yellow), but joined in for pink, green, orange and blue.

Color / Colour Green

It was fun – either finding things during my day, or rummaging through my archives to find something that was the right colour!

Color / Colour Orange

One of the things I liked most about the challenge was that you could post as many or as few photographs as you wanted, each week – you didn’t have to post one per day.
Color / Colour Blue

It was a great introduction to Instagram too – I’d never used it before (I only got my iPhone in December), so it gave me a good reason to figure out how to post photos and videos.

Color / Colour Blue

4 thoughts on “Color // Colour Lovers – Project 52 – 10/52

  1. Galleries were made for this kind of project – what glorious, vibrant collages! And what a simple but brilliant idea for a photo challenge. The focus and structure of it really appeals to the Scanner in me, simultaneously calming and inspiring, neutralising what I call blank-cheque-itis.Selfishly, I’m still enjoying the guided tour aspect of your photo challenges, too, like someone bringing me some fresh vistas to enjoy with coffee like one of those wee exotic biscuits! I’m also wondering if maybe I should be considering an iPhone when my current contract expires – photographers seem to have so much fun with them!

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Janice! I love the way you describe the focus and structure of the challenge – that’s what appeals to me too. Glad you’re enjoying the guided tour! And as for the iPhone – I didn’t imagine it would make so much difference, as I was using my Windows phone to take photos before, but the photos and video from the iPhone are so much better. And fun!

  3. how wonderful to find your blog. I just saw it via your vimeo about you page:)

  4. Julia Barnickle

    So nice to connect here, Tracie! I’ve just been taking a look at your blog too – thank you for mentioning my beach combing video! 🙂

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