Rosella Degori’s photo of WeLoveToBrunch_2 team on the scavenger hunt
photo by Rosella Degori of WeLoveToBrunch_2 team on the scavenger hunt: L to R @juliabarnickle @tiaraanggamulia @magspangeni @thegirlygeek @broganinlondon

Last weekend, I joined the London Brunch Club for another Instameet – and brunch, this time, at a Danish bistro in Notting Hill, West London. We were then split into 4 teams and sent on a scavenger hunt (in the rain), to find 3 houses and 2 cars that we had been given photos of – ending up in the pub afterwards.

St Luke's Mews, Notting Hill, London
St Luke’s Mews, Notting Hill, London
photographing houses in Notting Hill, London
@broganinlondon taking a photo of one of the pretty houses in Notting Hill, London

Some of the houses in Notting Hill are drop-dead gorgeous – one of the streets we visited (the one with the pink house and the graffiti on the opening credits) even appeared in the film “Love Actually” 🙂

I only took photographs this time, probably because it was pouring with rain much of the time, so this is a slide show rather than a proper film – still shot on iPhone 6.

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