Regent's Canal, near King's Cross, London

This week, I attended a talk on Introversion as a Superpower. When I arrived, there were already a few people there, and I found it ironic that most were sitting or standing in their own corners, not mingling!

Regent's Canal, Camden, London

Later, despite the grey skies, I went for a stroll along part of Regent’s Canal in the direction of Camden Lock. I love walking by the water. I find it very calming – although perhaps not so much when there are lots of people around, which there tend to be in popular places!

Citizen M Hotel, Bankside, London

Later in the week, I joined my friend Beverley Glick – The Story Archeologist, at the Citizen M hotel in Bankside, London, for a “Dream Seed Magic” meetup organised by Diane Leigh (who I met online last year through one of the “Screw Work Let’s Play” 30 Day Challenges).

Citizen M Hotel, Bankside, London

I loved the design of the hotel – it’s an inspiring place to hang out and have informal meetings. We also viewed the meeting rooms upstairs, which I would definitely book if I were running some sort of event. See for yourself in this short video I filmed with my iPhone6…

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