A Year Of Painting - neutral backgrounds

We have a calendar of Kandinsky paintings on the wall in the dining room, and I noticed that he used a lot of neutral colours in the background, with bright colours on top – so I treated myself to a tube of beige paint and a tube of grey paint! And yes, I do realise you can mix other colours to get those colours – but it would take a lot of trial and error to get exactly the colours I wanted, and it would use up the other paints!

Having covered the background with the two neutral colours, I loaded a foam brush with pale pink paint and swished it across the paper – and then did the same with some pale blue paint. I rather liked the effect. Were they finished? I was only intending to paint backgrounds which I would then paint over the top of – but something told me to wait.

I posted the pictures in Alena Hennessy’s “A Year Of Painting” Facebook page (affiliate link), to ask others on the course what they thought. The responses were positive, and yet they all said “I would add something more.” One person suggested photocopying the backgrounds and using those to experiment with – which I thought was an excellent idea.

Then I showed the pictures to my husband. At first, I was holding them both in Portrait orientation, and he suggested turning them round to Landscape orientation…

A Year Of Painting - ghostly figures

All of a sudden, I was surprised to see a bunch of ghostly figures!!!

A Year Of Painting - ghostly figures

When I shared this with my fellow students, they still said they would add to the paintings – using the figures as a starting point. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. For now, I’m simply leaving them be. Perhaps they’re spirit guides who have come to watch over me… Who knows?!

By the way – these two paintings are now available as greeting cards in my on-line shop.

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