Discover Your Wings painting - collage

One of the painting techniques I’ve learned in Alena Hennessy’s “A Year Of Painting” e-course (affiliate link) is about blocking out an area of the canvas but allowing the background to come through. So I’ve been playing around with that idea.

It’s fun, and it reminds me of my childhood… I can remember using wax crayons to create a multi-coloured background and then going over it with black wax crayon. Once it was all covered, I would scrape away areas of the black wax crayon to reveal the colours below.

The technique I’ve used in this painting is similar to that, except that I don’t cover the whole canvas with black paint. As you’ll see in this short video. I start off with fluorescent acrylics, draw shapes with a black Posca paint pen, paint round the shapes with black acrylic and finally outline the shapes with Sakura Gelly Roll fluorescent gel pens.

This painting is now available as a greeting card in my on-line shop.

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