Sabrina Andrea Sachs in Shoreditch

This week we bade farewell to one of the London Brunch Club organisers, Sabrina Andrea Sachs, who is setting off on her travels after spending five years in London. First Italy, then Dubai, India… and who knows where else. I felt quite sad as we parted – and writing this, I’m feeling a little sad again. We had become good friends in a very short time, so my sadness is partly to do with the possibility of not seeing Sabrina again – and partly about mourning the loss (or perhaps hibernation?) of my own adventurous spirit. At the moment, a train ride up to London is as adventurous as I get!

brunch at Beany Green, Broadgate - banana bread sandwich with honeyed mascarpone and fresh berries

In true London Brunch Club style, we met for brunch at Beany Green in Broadgate, where we were treated to the most splendid banana bread with honeyed mascarpone and fresh berries – as a starter! I don’t usually post pictures of food, but this was so delicious, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

Broadgate Circle, London

Broadgate Circle has been recently re-developed (one of the architects was in our midst at brunch, so we got the full story!), and the former outdoor ice rink is now home to a wide range of eateries. Apparently the ice rink will open again in the winter of 2015, maintaining a long-held tradition.

shop in Spitalfields, London

After brunch we headed through Spitalfields, along Brick Lane, and on to the edges of Shoreditch.

shop in Spitalfields, London

Eleven and a half Fournier Street, Spitalfields, London

According to one source, Eleven and a Half Fournier Street was so named because of superstition about the number 13. Now it’s an art dealership which specialises in artists associated with West Cornwall.

4 Princelet Street, Spitalfields, London

I was enchanted by the faded pink facade at 4 Princelet Street, Spitalfields, a beautiful Georgian house which is now available for hire as a location for filming, photography or private functions.

As a final gesture, another Brunch Club friend, Corinna Linzas, gave Sabrina a red heart-shaped balloon and invited her to Let Go and let your heart fly. Arrivederci e buon viaggio, Sabrina!

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