A Year Of Painting - "Letting Go" - original acrylic artwork by Julia Barnickle
“Letting Go” – original acrylic artwork by Julia Barnickle

This week has been all about Letting Go.

Firstly, I’ve been decluttering my office space – getting rid of page upon page of notes I’ve taken at business building seminars over the past 9 years, to make space for my new life as a film maker and artist.

It’s all part of letting go of who I used to be – letting go of the pressure that I used to put on myself to earn a living doing work I didn’t love, despite encouraging my coaching clients to follow their heart. Most of my income, since becoming self-employed, came from IT contracts, harking back to my role in corporate life.

So far this year, thanks to the encouragement of my wonderful husband, I’ve been taking a bit of a sabbatical and doing stuff I love – taking photographs, filming, painting and singing.

I’ve been experimenting and learning my craft so that I can move towards offering filming as a service and earning an income (rather than a “living”) from following my own heart and doing what I love.

NOTE: It had never occurred to me before, how odd it is that we talk about earning a “living” – as though we don’t automatically have the right to live, and somehow have to show our worth first.

Secondly, I had been invited to attend a business building seminar by a friend – I had warned her that I might not have the energy to stay for the full two days, but I expected to stay at least for the first session.

However, when I got there, I realised fairly quickly that I was in the wrong place. Everyone else was intent on building a big business, employing hundreds of people – whereas that doesn’t interest me at all.

I suddenly realised that I’m like the Mexican fisherman – you might have heard the story. I’m already doing what I love – I don’t need to build a big business so that I can afford to do what I love in the future!

So I let go of the need to be at the seminar, and instead wandered round the City of London taking photographs of shiny buildings glinting in the sunlight.

Thirdly, the topic for the Art as Therapy session this week was Letting Go. We talked about things we were letting go of, after cancer, and then we started painting. I sometimes feel a bit inhibited in these sessions, perhaps because there are other people around, chatting. This time, though, I was totally in the zone, letting go – and the painting above was the result.

One of the ladies in the group even said she would like to buy my painting, which is a real confidence booster for a fledgling artist like myself! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Letting Go – Project 52 – 37/52

  1. CONGRATS Julia, I am so happy for you and I absolutely love your painting! To know that you are living the life you love makes my heart sing. Mxx

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thank you Martine! It warms my heart, too, knowing that you’re following your passion for genealogy. It must be a wonderful feeling, connecting people with their past. xx

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