sunset by St Mark's Square in Venice, Italy
sunset by St Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy

I’m in love!

It was a rocky start. We missed the flight and arrived a day late. But Venice forgave us and welcomed us with open arms and a sunny disposition.

It’s been a dream of mine to visit Venice for as long as I can remember – but I could never work out when would be the best time to go, to avoid the crowds and the mosquitoes.

Then I saw a friend’s post on Instagram, saying she was planning to visit Venice for Carnival. “When is Carnival in Venice?” I wondered. So I googled it and found it was due to start the day after my birthday.

Perfect timing!

carnival masks, Venice, Italy, maschere di Carnavale, Venezia, Italia
carnival masks, Venice, Italy

Of course, had we gone in the summer, it would have been warmer. But it would have been a lot more crowded too. As it was, although we didn’t have the place to ourselves, we were easily able to make our way through the winding alleyways and over the picturesque canal bridges without being jostled.

Before we went, I had asked friends who either lived in Venice or had visited Venice: where should we go? In the end, we followed just one friend’s advice: simply get lost!

Venice isn’t all that large – compared with London, for example. But you can’t get anywhere in a straight line – you constantly have to make detours, so it can take a lot longer to get anywhere than you imagine. But that’s half the fun.

Venice, Italy, Venezia, Italia, Venise, Italie, Venedig, Italien
one of the multitude of canals in Venice, Italy

Everywhere you turn, you find stunningly beautiful architecture, the buildings encircled by turquoise-coloured waterways populated by bow-shaped gondolas being coaxed along by gondoliers in traditional striped jumpers and straw boater hats.

It’s a photographer’s and film maker’s dream!

Since our return, I’ve been feeling bereft – rather like I do when I’ve been enjoying reading a novel and have become engrossed in its plot.

This I know: we shall return, perhaps when the weather is warmer – even though that would mean sharing la Serenissima with many more of her admirers.

Morning in Venice, Italy

Preparations for Carnival in Venice, Italy

2 thoughts on “Carnival in Venice, Italy, 2016

  1. Thank you for this, Julia. I’m housebound at the moment, in a quiet house, in a quiet street, in a wee Scottish town… and you’ve just transported me, through space and time. I’ve never been to Venice so these were a visual – and musical – delight. They also reminded me of a time in my life when I lived abroad and spent winters exploring beautiful cities, wrapped up warmly on blue sky days, wandering around and taking photos like every day was the first. Please go back SOON and fill the soulfuel tanks!
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  2. Julia Barnickle

    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been housebound Janice – I hope you’re feeling somewhat better now. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip to Venice – and as a special favour to you, I shall endeavour to go back as soon as possible!! 😀

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