Origami cards at Brick Lane market, London
Origami cards at Brick Lane market, London (www.orgamiccards.co.uk)

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been focusing on creating 15 second films – some filmed while I’m out and about in London, and some quirky ones filmed at home.

Ironically, Instagram now allows you to upload films up to 60 seconds long – but I think I’m going to stick with 15 seconds or thereabouts for now. It’s harder to keep someone’s interest for a full minute!

Watch all of my Instagram films here!

Spinning Tops slo-mo

Brick Lane Sunday Market

Easter Surprise Stop Motion

Scenes from the Easter Weekend

2 thoughts on “Sticking with the 15 Second Films for Instagram

  1. I’m not exaggerating, Julia, but these bring me such joy! They’re the perfect length for me – any longer and the video and music narratives might diverge instead of creating such perfect synergy, if that makes sense – but I’ve seen your longer videos with music and I know you can do them just as beautifully. These glimpses of London make me so envious – those origami cards and that Market – glorious!!! – but you and I both know that if I was actually there, I’d only manage a certain amount of joy and bustle before I got sensory overload. You’re my London chaneller – thank you!

  2. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Janice! I thought I had replied, but obviously I hadn’t… I love the idea of being your London channeller (and hopefully doing the same for other people who can’t get to London or would experience sensory overload). Having said I’m going to stick with 15 seconds, I might make slightly longer films for Instagram on occasions, because it gives me a bit more flexibility – but I won’t go over the top!! 😉

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