Woman walking past a flower shop in Marylebone, London
Woman walking past a flower shop in Marylebone, London

I’ve written before about how much I love Instagram, and how it has connected me with so many people around the world (and, in particular, here in London) who love photography as much as I do.

But I wouldn’t say that I understand what Instagram is all about – especially now that it’s been bought by Facebook, and photographs don’t appear in chronological order any more.

And I definitely don’t understand what makes a photograph popular.

Take the photograph above, for example, which I posted in May.

Within one day, it had attracted over 900 likes – that’s around 15 times the number of likes my photos usually get, and 300 more than the number of people who were following me at the time! And it went on to attract over 1,000 likes.

Not that I’m playing the “likes” game. But it is gratifying to know that people appreciate your work.

I would say it’s a good photograph. But I wouldn’t say it was outstanding. But perhaps Instagram isn’t about outstanding photographs – just popular photographs that capture people’s imagination. I don’t really know.

Some feedback I got, when I asked the question, was:

  • It’s a nice simple effective shot that probably makes a change from a lot of the pretentious nonsense that gets posted there.
  • It’s the juxtaposition of the shop being SO inviting and the woman just hurrying on by.
  • It’s a cool picture! Great shot!
  • There’s so much beauty all around us and people rush here, there and everywhere without even noticing! Hasn’t anybody heard about ‘slow down and smell the roses’?

All I know is, it’s great to have a place to share my photographs and to connect with like-minded people without having to say very much!

Which is why I still Love Instagram!!

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