Susannah Conway's August Break 2016

I haven’t posted anything in a while – there’s been a lot going on, and it’s been a bit overwhelming. I can tell that things are settling down a bit now, though, because I’ve signed up for Susannah Conway’s “August Break” photo challenge for the third time (although it’s only the second time I’ve posted the photos on my blog – in 2015 I just posted them on Instagram).

It’s perfectly timed to coincide with my need for creative recovery, yet again. The first August Break I joined in with was in 2014, when I was recovering from spine surgery, and it marked the start of me sharing my photos online. This time I’m recovering from radio-surgery for a brain tumour (more on that another time).

Day 1: Morning Light

augustbreak-day1 - morning light

When the bumblebees come out to sip nectar from our lavender. The bee is a bit fuzzy in this photo – but then, they are anyway!🐝

Day 2: Leaf

augustbreak-day2 - leaf

The yellower ones are new leaves waiting to be turned over! 🍃

Day 3: Handwriting – my favourite quote

augustbreak-day3 - handwriting

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman

Day 4: Sweetness

augustbreak-day4 - sweetness

I couldn’t find anything sweet AND photogenic on Thursday, but a friend gave us these pretty homemade cupcakes on Sunday, which fit the bill perfectly!

Day 5: Midday

augustbreak-day5 - midday

At midday today I was in the middle of painting this new layer. With the previous layer I had got a bit carried away with swirls of white paint which drowned out all the lovely colour combinations from previous layers – so I decided to be bold and paint out the swirls and create a new blank canvas between islands of gorgeous colours. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m already loving the contrast!

Day 6: I’m reading

augustbreak-day6 - I'm reading

I’m finally getting round to reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” and thumbing through an old copy of “Maisons Coté Sud” from 2003, to get some inspiration for my paintings.

Day 7: Beneath my feet

augustbreak-day7 - beneath my feet

Today we were invited to our friends’ son’s birthday party. We were only able to stay for a short while, but it was lovely to see everyone. In the garden there were tables with umbrellas, and a small marquee with this beautiful Indian carpet underfoot.

6 thoughts on “The August Break 2016 – Week 1

  1. There is a marvellous thing about art. It’s healing balm to our lives!
    When studying for my exam I found a quote that sits with me.
    Give me a task or I shall go mad! Or similar words! Occupational therapy is about activity !
    Occupying our creative curve in us we thrive . Then to share is necessary too.
    Great to have you back!

  2. So lovely to see some of your photos again – glad you’re starting to come out the other side!!
    What a fantastic challenge – I look forward to seeing more of your pics!
    Tracey xx

  3. Wonderful Julia. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and the August Break list too. I’m now inspired to look out for each of these … and whether I photo them or not, it’ll be an opportunity to pause and appreciate 🙂 Really hope you’re doing well and feeling better. Take care dx

  4. Julia Barnickle

    Thanks Tracey – you could join in next time!! xx

  5. Julia Barnickle

    Thank you Rach – it’s good to be back! Great quote. I totally agree that we thrive through being creative – and also through sharing our creativity with others.

  6. Julia Barnickle

    Thank you Denise – each day I feel a little better. I’ll look out for any photos you might post! x

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