Day 8: Favourite taste

augustbreak-day8 - favourite taste

My favourite taste used to be champagne (which was saved for very special occasions). But since we visited Venice, in January, I think I prefer the taste of Prosecco! Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of Prosecco… 🍾😄

Day 9: Red

augustbreak-day9 - red

When I got my current car (a 3 year old red PT Cruiser) 10 years ago, we drove it into London on Christmas Day so that I could make a postcard with photographs of the car next to various landmarks (Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Wapping Wall, Albert Memorial, Wapping warehouses). It was the first time I had bought a car I really wanted, rather than purely based on price, and I still enjoy driving round in it!

Day 10: Yellow

augustbreak-day10 - yellow

I painted this at an art therapy session back in February, shortly after we came back from Venice. I intended it to be totally abstract, but after looking at it for several months, I can see a gondola with a gondolier, at the bottom, passing under a bridge whose steps are to the side. I can also see two Carnival masks. I wonder what you can see…

Being able to see things in a painting reminds me of a Harry Enfield sketch where he played the role of an upper class twit whose friend gave him a mirror, which he thought was a portrait of himself. “You can always tell a good painting,” he said “by the way the eyes follow you round the room.” 😂

Day 11: Green

augustbreak-day11 - green

When I was in Berlin in May, I noticed that the green man on the pedestrian traffic lights was different in the old Eastern sector. He’s called Ampelmann (traffic light man). He wears a hat, he’s very cute, and there’s a whole brand around him – including an Ampelmann Instagram account and a shop in Berlin selling Ampelmann souvenirs!

Day 12: A Secret

augustbreak-day12 - a secret

I don’t really have secrets – I never get up to anything that I would need to keep secret! Also I’m far more interested in figuring out the secret of Life…

Day 13: 6 o’clock

augustbreak-day13 - 6 oclock

At 6pm today I went for a short walk with my husband without holding his arm – a massive achievement after only 6 weeks (following radio-surgery for metastatic breast cancer in the brain).

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